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Spinal Degeneration: Preventative Measures You Can Take Right Now

As we begin to age, most of us will start to notice unusual stiffness and even aches and pains we previously never had to contend with. This is why so many actively seek ways to stay mobile, active, flexible, and healthy in their later years.

No one wants to sit around feeling stiff, sore, and old.

Part of the rigid and uncomfortable feeling can come from the degeneration (breakdown) of the spine. Degenerative spinal conditions come from the gradual loss of function and structure over time.

This is a normal result of age but can also be spurred on by infections, arthritis, and tumors. Additionally, pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots can be caused by degenerating discs, slipped discs, or herniations.

Thankfully, chiropractic care is a very effective way to prevent breakdown. Regular maintenance adjustments can keep your spine healthy and flexible which can help to reduce the risk of future immobility.

How The Spine Works

Your spine is made up of vertebrae. Each vertebra is separated by a tough fibrous disc. The discs act as a cushion allowing the spine to move and bend. The spine is held together with hundreds of muscles as well as ligaments.

As we age and as our bodies may experience trauma we can begin to develop scar tissues. Scar tissue then becomes more stiff and inflexible and holds the spine more tightly than is comfortable to make up for the beginning breakdown of the disc cushions which can dry out and start to shrink.

Untreated injuries or a lifetime of bad posture can cause joints to become fixed and completely immobile. This leads to pain. The ligaments that hold the joints together, if not used regularly, can calcify and cause the bones to fuse together. This can result in a lack of movement as well as chronic pain.

The areas surrounding the fused or stiff areas overcompensate and can begin to wear down more rapidly as well. This may cause pain and inflammation. It can result in pinched or irritated nerves.

Avoid This Trap!
Get adjusted regularly and help prevent spinal degeneration.

Your chiropractor will find those areas of the spine that are beginning to become fixed and immobile and readjust them so that they can openly and freely flex again. Adjustments work by stretching the joint capsule and breaking up forming scar tissue.

Adjustments also activate nerves in the spinal joints that break up pain signals in the spinal cord. This helps the muscles around the area to relax.

The Take Away

By seeing your chiropractor regularly, you are helping to prevent degeneration and potential disability later in life.

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