Manipulation Under Anesthesia

What is Manipulation Under Anesthesia or MUA?

MUA is a non-invasive, highly-specialized technique performed by trained chiropractic physicians who work with anesthesiologists. After medical clearance, the patient is sedated to achieve a state of relaxation. This state of relaxation allows the doctor to complete a series of adjustments and stretching movements without patient apprehension or muscle guarding. The results for properly selected patients are phenomenal.

Fort Myers Manipulation Under AnesthesiaFort Myers Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Who Can Benefit from MUA?

Anyone with chronic neck, low back, hip, and shoulder pain.
Patients with arthritis, who are stiff and have lost range of motion.

Individuals with the following conditions:

  • chronic disc problems
  • chronic re–occurring headaches
  • herniated discs without fragmentation
  • pressured nerves with radiating pain or numbness into the leg or arm
  • torticollis
  • chronic pain from scar tissue (fibrotic adhesions) following a motor vehicle accident
  • failed back surgery frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis)
Fort Myers Manipulation Under Anesthesia Fort Myers Manipulation Under Anesthesia

How does MUA work?

MUA achieves results because it allows your caregivers to adjust the bones and muscles- the therapy of choice- without the usual resistance. Light sedation allows you to be responsive but not apprehensive. Adjustments are completed gently. Fibrotic adhesion’s, which limit range of motion and contribute to pain, are altered. Muscles are stretched; and collagen fibers are remodeled to eliminate or reduce restriction. The result-pain and discomfort are decreased if not eliminated.

For patients who are not finding relief through conservative treatment or who may be faced with or recovering from surgery, MUA could be an effective alternative. Studies prove that MUA eliminates or greatly reduces pain, and it restores or greatly improves range of motion. Compared to surgery and other procedures, the return-to-work and return to activity rates for MUA patients are significantly faster and longer lasting.

Fort Myers Manipulation Under Anesthesia Fort Myers Manipulation Under Anesthesia