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Management, Rehabilitation, and Recovery from Knee Pain is Now Possible in Fort Myers

Are you in the Southwest Florida area and living with knee pain? You may have hopefully tried drugstore knee braces or ordered one from Amazon, but the fact is that not all braces are created equal. Most do not offer the support that is truly needed to allow the ligaments and muscles in the knees to heal properly.

This is why we have chosen to use only Guardian REHABILITATOR® knee braces which have been clinically proven. These medical assistance devices are designed to provide a range of benefits for individuals with knee pain or undergoing rehabilitation.

These braces are specifically developed to reduce unbraced pain, strengthen the affected leg, and significantly improve overall leg function within just 90 days of continued use.

The Benefits of The Guardian Rehabilitator Brace

Choosing the right brace makes a world of difference in your body’s ability to heal properly.

  • Pain reduction:Guardian braces are effective at managing pain and reducing discomfort associated with various knee conditions such as ligament injuries or osteoarthritis. They provide support and compression to alleviate inflammation and pain.
  • Leg muscle strengthening:These braces are designed to facilitate leg muscle strengthening. This is particularly beneficial for individuals recovering from knee surgery, as the braces help rebuild and regain strength in the affected leg. Strengthening the leg muscles can improve stability and support the knee joint.
  • Gait correction: Guardian braces can help correct gait irregularities by prompting proper movement and alignment during movements from walking to running. By encouraging a more natural gait pattern, they aid in restoring normal leg function and enhancing mobility.
  • Rehabilitation support:The Guardian REHABILITATOR® braces can be used as part of a thorough rehabilitation program. They are effective in assisting the recovery process, providing stability, and promoting proper movement during rehabilitation exercises.

The West Coast Integrative Wellness Center is Now Offering the Following Braces

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The Guardian REHABILITATOR® – Sport
Considering Knee Brace Therapy?

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