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Hanging for Spine Health

The latest viral trend on TikTok is the dead hang exercise, which is a simple bodyweight exercise that pretty much everyone can do.

Dead hanging can help lessen back pain and improve shoulder mobility. They can also strengthen your forearms and grip, reverse bad posture, and improve the circulation of the tissues in your back.

A Look at the Dead Hang

The basic idea of dead hanging is to raise your feet off the ground while holding a bar for around 10 to 60 seconds. You can use a variety of bars in your gym, and monkey bars are also great alternatives.

The exercise is referred to as dead hang because it doesn’t involve any movement. This means it’s an isometric stretch.


Secure the bar by holding it with both hands, slightly wider than shoulder width. Grip either an overhand or a supinated grip, depending on how comfortable you are.

While you hang from the bar, make sure that your feet are off the ground and that your shoulders and elbows are locked out. This exercise is a passive stretch and will help relax and tone your shoulders.

Do the hang for around 10 to 60 seconds and repeat the exercise for three or four sets.

What’s going on below the Surface

The spinal canal is composed of fluid-filled structures, such as intervertebral disks. Sitting at a desk all day and lifting heavy weights throughout the day can result in spinal degeneration.

Vertical compression on the spine can also lead to arthritis and spinal degeneration. Dead hangs offer a chance for spinal decompression. It allows the discs to rehydrate and expand again.

Why Hanging is Good for You

The lack of a blood supply can prevent the intervertebral disks from fully rehydrating. This is why it’s important to perform manual decompression, such as dead hangs, to allow the nutrients and oxygen to flow through the discs.

With dead hanging, the space between the spinal vertebrae can be increased, which can relieve spinal stenosis and irritation.

Grip strength has also been known to improve cognitive health. In 2021, a study revealed that people who have a strong grip are more likely to have better cognitive functions, such as memory and motor speed. It is one of the most important factors that can predict a person’s future health conditions.

If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, dead hanging can help improve posture and relieve back tension. It can also reverse the condition known as computer guy hyperkyphosis, which occurs when a person slouches over a computer.

Getting the benefits of dead hanging can also help improve shoulder mobility and reduce the pressure on the tendons and nerves that go through the area.

When to Hang

This is to be done POST workout with your cool down. It can also be added to daily stretch routines for pain relief and mobility.

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