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DRX9000 Decompression Therapy is Saving Patients from Back Surgery

We have been seeing miraculous results in our Fort Myers office with patients previously told there was nothing they could do for their chronic back pain other than to have back surgery.

Decompression therapy with the DRX9000 combined with traditional chiropractic adjustments has now rehabilitated 6 patients to an asymptomatic level just since December of this year, 2022.

Here is a testimonial from one such happy pain-free Kaster Chiropractic patient.

“Dear Dr. Kaster,

I know I have expressed, in my visits to your office, my appreciation for the treatments received which have been amazing. The diagnosis and subsequent decompression treatments on my back have made an amazing difference to my ability to function, as I desire, without pain. Now as I complete my treatment plan, I feel the need to express in writing how and why I feel GOOD.

As someone within months of reaching age 80, I was resigned to just getting minor relief from a lower back that would get painful after a minimal amount of movement, including a long walk, and very sore after a single round of golf. After the first few decompression treatments, all the chronic pain, which I describe as just feeling irritatingly sore all the time, disappeared.

Treatments lasted 30 minutes, were painless and relaxing and after each treatment, I had no discomfort, because, as you had told me, the treatment protocol started mildly and progressed slowly to the end of 20 treatments. That was certainly true for me.

The final proof of the value of this treatment for me was a visit from my two golf-loving sons, who, at the mid-point of my treatments, had me on the golf course for 3 consecutive days, 18 holes and while I had some stiffness in my muscles, there was no pain anywhere in my back! On a day-to-day basis, I can now bend and twist, doing some of the normal tasks around the home such as bending down to empty the dishwasher or clothes dryer and retrieving something from the floor.

I am grateful.

From my first visits, I have been impressed with the practice. Rarely have I had to wait beyond my starting appt. time. You and your technician and administrative help, Karen, are friendly, helpful, and professional. Your own level of expertise and pursuit of new and highly effective diagnostic and treatment technologies is likewise impressive. I will continue to recommend without hesitation, your practice to friends, family, and anyone I hear talking about their back and joint issues.

I will also continue to visit your practice for tune-ups as I remember how quickly the initial decompression treatments brought relief to my lower back that was painful. Furthermore, I have heard, and I believe a tune-up treatment or two, at the first sign of any back issue will prevent a deterioration back to the condition that initially, first brought me to your practice.

I rate your service, practice, and my results, all OUTSTANDING.

Finally, while not required, you always make a noticeable effort to connect with me and to others (I can hear from the decompression table) which is the very good “frosting on the cake”.
In most cases, one would not look forward to more visits to their Chiropractor. However, in your case, I for one will, for the many reasons cited above.

Thank you,

Keith, we are so overwhelmingly happy to see your progression. Keep up the good work and we are so glad you that you found our office.

Dr. Kaster and the entire staff of Kaster Chiropractic

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