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Chronic vs. Acute Inflammation

When people hear the term inflammation, they tend to think of swollen and reddening tissues similar to what they would experience after suffering a serious injury.

That is what is known as Acute Inflammation – It is localized (one part of the body), short in duration (4 to 14 days), and is a normal essential part of healing.

Healing Happens in Three Phases

  1. The Inflammatory Stage
  2. The Repair Stage
  3. The Remodeling Stage

Inflammation can occur without healing, but healing cannot occur without inflammation.

It is because of this we never wish to eliminate inflammation completely. Instead, we encourage an environment that supports the inflammatory process.

How to Best Manage Acute Inflammation

  • Active Rest
  • Avoid NSAID’s
  • Good nutrition
  • Ice

Chronic Inflammation is a Whole Different Story

The body’s natural healing process does not involve chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation is a state of persistent and progressive tissue damage that encourages the body to continue producing scar tissue.

Chronic Inflammation is widespread and sometimes even systemic

Inflammation is considered chronic if it lasts months to even years. Many chronic diseases, such as cancer and diabetes, are linked to widespread and chronic inflammation. It can also affect the joints and muscles. Approximately 25% of Americans suffer from chronic inflammation. This condition is not uncommon.

Common signs include:

  • Multiple sites of pain
  • Constant fatigue and insomnia
  • Depression, anxiety, and mood disorders
  • Gastrointestinal complications like constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux
  • Weight gain
  • Frequent infections

A blood test can be performed to identify the underlying cause of chronic inflammation and metabolic dysfunction. It can also help with the treatment of these conditions.

How to Help Yourself

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Weight loss – Lowering your weight has been found to be one of the most effective methods for reducing chronic inflammation.
  • Food selection changes – drop the sugar, complex carbohydrates, trans fats, and alcohol. Up your intake of fruits, vegetables, water, and green and black teas.
  • Supplementation – Do not take NSAID’s if you can help it. They slow healing time. Instead, try curcumin and fish oil supplements.
  • Exercise – exercise increases your body’s ability to heal.
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • De-Stress

No matter if you are experiencing an injury that has led to acute inflammation or if you are in the chronic phase, Kaster Chiropractic can help. If you are in the Southwest Florida area give us a call to schedule your appointment. 239-332-2555.

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