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Christine Wigglesworth LMT Dr. Jason kaster Fort myers, fl

My name is Christine Wigglesworth. I am a Licenced Massage Therapist.  I began by working in physical therapy for four years alongside a wonderful doctor. In doing so, I developed a passion for helping others in need who had nowhere else to turn for relief.  A life in pain is not acceptable to me. Our natural state is health and it is my mission to help our patients achieve that goal.

Working in physical therapy, manual manipulation and massage were some of the therapy modalities that helped the majority of our clients the most.  Helping people stave off the need for surgery as well as avoiding having to rely on pain medications or cortisone injections is always at the forefront of my mind. Quality of life gained naturally is ideal!

I specialize in working with patients facing a multitude of issues from car accidents, piriformis release, knee issues, shoulder issues, hip problems, and neck pain.  With a decade of experience, I love what I do and thoroughly enjoy helping people heal and feel their very best. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Health and wellness have always been a passion of mine. I am a life long student.  There is always something new to learn.

Why massage therapy?

A common misconception as viewed by the general public places massage as a medium only used to promote relaxation. While that is true that massage does indeed relax the body and mind, in addition to relaxation, massage offers a myriad of health benefits which include, but are not limited to: a boosted immune system, inflammation reduction, greatly reduced pain, improved sleep, and an overall boost in the feeling of well-being.

Here at the office of Kaster Chiropractic and Associates we believe that each patient is unique, and as such, should work within a customized treatment plan according to their own specific needs.

The physical and mental benefits become two-fold when you combine chiropractic and massage therapy.  Symptom relief may come in the form of – relieving tight muscles, improved flexibility, decreased stress, and improvement of symptoms related to many neurological conditions.

Don’t let pain keep you from doing the things you love.

I look forward to serving you and discussing how massage therapy could benefit you personally.




If you are in need of a therapeutic or relaxation massage, give the office a call today and schedule your appointment with Christine.



Massage Office hours: Tuesday 8-12, Thursday 1-6, and Friday 11-3.