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The Value of Health – Kaster Chiropractic

The value places on health can never be too great. Health is one of those interesting subjects. When you have it, you don’t think about it. You are simply able to concentrate on other areas of your life. You may not even notice or appreciate that you can live your life to its fullest on a daily basis with no effort.

When you don’t have your health, at least not fully, there is little else you can concentrate on. It absorbs all of your time and thought. It eats away at your time, energy, and money. It can drag down your mood and drain your happiness.

Health really is wealth. No amount of money can replace it or make up for not having it.

We wanted to offer you some words of wisdom as we see patients in every condition from radiant health to very ill on a daily basis.

What Makes up true health and wellness?

Wellness and overall health are not just a focus on one thing or one condition.

Your physical body is your vehicle. It is what gets you around from day to day and year to year. It is important to maintain it. If it begins to break down it is important to hear your body and listen to its signals and messages. When they go ignored trouble and illness almost always ensue down the road.


The physical is just one aspect of overall wellness. Emotional wellness is another piece of the puzzle that can directly contribute to your physical health. If you have experienced emotional trauma and have not dealt with it, it may manifest in other areas of life your that may affect your health.


Having a strong social support system can also help boost your health.

Studies have demonstrated the importance of having strong social connections when it comes to health. While the most important relationship is with yourself, a strong sense of community and sharing with others is also vital.


Do you enjoy what you do? We spend upwards of 40 hours a week at work. That is a huge chunk of your life so make sure it is a pleasant one.  Too many people feel trapped in jobs they don’t find rewarding or that drain them physically and mentally. It is very difficult to be happy when you have a job you hate.


When these facets are balanced and your health is strong, you get to live life on your own terms rather than relying on doctors and medicine to keep you going. Visiting Kaster Chiropractic can certainly reduce pain while increasing your range of motion, but all of the different elements of wellness work together, ignoring some of them isn’t going to make you feel better overall. At the end of the day health is all you really have and thankfully, you’re in control.

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