The Importance of Stretching in Preventing Injuries and Pain

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The Importance of Stretching in Preventing Injuries and Pain

Stretching may seem like an easy thing to do which may minimize its importance in many people’s minds. Stretching is vital to life and health. Whether its before a workout, before bed, or first thing in the morning.

Stretching can help increase blood flow and helps to prepare your body for the day, workout, or night of immobile sleep ahead. Stretching before bed may seem odd but it helps relax your muscles and can help prevent you from waking up with pain.

In 2020 we live a more sedentary lifestyle than ever before. That makes this topic even more important.

Stretching regularly can offer you many health benefits – it’s a great idea to stretch every day regardless of if you are going to do a workout or not.

Stretching can help hold and improve posture.

Tight muscles pull on your entire frame can cause poor posture. This holds especially true if you have a desk job or spend a great deal of time on your mobile device. We help alleviate this by stretching the pectoralis, upper trapezius, and hamstring muscles, along with a good overall stretch.

Range of Motion

The older we get the less our joints tend to move. When you lose range of motion pain can develop. This can be counteracted by stretching daily. Even if you are already experiencing loss of range, stretching can help get it back!

Lessen Muscle Soreness

If you have muscles that are sore from a recent strain or hard workout stretching can help get you some relief. Injured muscles tighten as a defensive response. Stretching them out can alleviate soreness and return needed blood circulation.

Stretching Helps to Prevent Injuries

When you accidentally stretch a muscle or ligament too far it can tear or strain. By stretching actively, you increase the ability and range to move so that during activities that pressure isn’t there. It brings blood to the muscle tissue and warms them up. That is literally why it’s called a “Warm up”.

We have some general stretches that help the body warm up listed on our site.

Come in for an adjustment to the office of Kaster Chiropractic here in Fort Myers, Florida. We are happy to also make some personalized recommendations for physical therapy exercises you can do in your own home or at the gym to help reinforce any current weak areas.

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