Identifying Different Types of Pain

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Identifying Different Types of Pain

“On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your pain? and what does it feel like?”

Often when you are in pain the doctor will ask you “What type of pain is it that you are experiencing”. While to some this may be easy to answer, others are stumped. They aren’t sure how to describe it, they just know it hurts and they want it to stop.

We wanted to try and give you the tools to better communicate with your doctors so that they are better able to easily diagnose and treat you in a timely manner with less potential for another visit.

ACUTE PAIN – This is a short-term pain. Acute pain resolves itself in 30 days or less. Acute pain usually responds quickly to treatment. Acute pain usually comes from an identifiable trauma or injury.

CHRONIC PAIN – Chronic pain is ongoing lasting 12 weeks or longer. Chronic pain itself may be considered a disease in and of itself. It may even affect the whole body.

NERVE PAIN – Nerve damage leads to nerve pain. It often stems from chemotherapy, diabetes, shingles, HIV, or other bodily trauma. Nerve pain often feels “zappy” like small electric shocks in the body and may also cause numbness and heat in an area.

BACK PAIN – Back pain can be acute or chronic and is so debilitating we gave it its very own category.

SOMATIC, VISCERAL, AND REFERRED PAIN – Abdominal pain coming from internal organs is considered Visceral pain. This can be gallstones, pelvic pain, or appendicitis to name a few. Pain felt directly at the source is called Somatic pain. Cramping, throbbing, aching are all somatic pain sensations. Referred pain is what is happening in the case of sciatica. It’s the hip that hurts but it radiates down the leg.

PHANTOM PAIN – Phantom pains happen when a body part is no longer there, but the patient still feels the pain as if it were.

When at an appointment the more specific you can be as to how you are feeling when speaking with the doctor and staff the better care, they are able to provide.

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