Help Stop and Prevent Further Hair Loss with the Capillus RX

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Help Stop and Prevent Further Hair Loss with the Capillus RX

If hair loss is genetically passed down in your family line and you are starting to notice thinning, the Capillus RX may be a great option for treatment for your condition.

This is a non-surgical approach to stabilizing hair loss progression which even helps promote regrowth and best of all it is done right in your own home at your convenience.

This wearable FDA approved device is battery operated and promoted by physicians to help restore thinning hair due to genetics and help prevent further loss. It features a flexible comfortable fit design making it easy to use. The CapillusRX provides clinically proven technology that helps restore hair lost due to androgenetic alopecia.

The Capillus RX is only available through doctors’ offices. Dr. Kaster and his staff will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for the treatment process.

The Capillus RX is for both men and women

Though not nearly as often discussed, women can start losing hair too. Unlike men who have the option to shave their heads women have a much deeper social stigma attached. This makes this unique medical device all that much more of a wonderful invention.

How to use the CapillusRX

Wear it as you would any other hat for just 6 minutes a day. Its ease of use encourages maximum results.

Laser diodes are embedded within the interior surface of the dome, providing maximum coverage of areas susceptible to hair thinning.

Lightweight case serves to protect and store your device and accessories, as well as to provide an easy method to travel with Capillus therapy.

Hands-free mobility. Easily attach to belt or slip into a pocket, allowing you to move about during your treatment session.

Capillus devices use lasers, which penetrate the hair follicle, unlike LEDs, which disperse and do not penetrate to the same depth to be effective.

Treat your hair while you go about your daily routine. Wear just 6 minutes while you perform any activity. The Capillus is hands-free & mobile.

Our AC adapter works on 100-240 AC inputs making it easy to recharge your battery around the world. Three interchangeable international plugs included.

Worry-free sessions are auto-programmed to shut off at the end of the daily 6-minute treatment, so you don’t have to watch the clock.

Our patented sensors disable lasers until cap is placed on head to prevent accidental exposure of laser light to the eyes of children or pets.

The Capillus RX has a 3 year warranty and has had amazing results from clients just like you.
Interested to learn more? Come talk to us. 239-332-2555 or drop by the office in person. We are located at 1791 Boy Scout Dr. #6 Fort Myers, Fl 33907. The office of Kaster Chiropractic. Just ask for the Capillus RX!



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