The Benefits of Spinal Decompression on Back and Neck Pain in Patients in Fort Myers, Florida

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The Benefits of Spinal Decompression on Back and Neck Pain in Patients in Fort Myers, Florida

Stop living with back and neck pain – Decompression therapy can help!

Back and neck pain can become debilitating. When your back and or neck are in chronic constant pain very little else matters. It is hard to focus on tasks, and your ability to enjoy a quality of life decreases.

At the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. Kaster Chiropractic and Associates we utilize a wide array of treatment options including decompression. We have been making the most of decompression therapy for years finding amazing life-changing results for our patients. We are now very excited to announce that, coming in December,  we will be getting the latest and greatest state-of-the-art DRX9000 in our Fort Myers office.

We believe our patients deserve only the very best treatments medically available and that their health is very worth the cost. The DRX9000 has been the focus of many studies including Duke University, The Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, University of California at San Diego, and many other prestigious medical institutions.

The DrX9000 is an American Company based right here in the state of Florida which makes it all the more exciting. We love supporting USA-made technology.

The DRX9000 is the most advanced spinal decompression machine on the market. It provides treatment for the management of pain and disability for those suffering from back pain, neck pain, and sciatica. The proprietary motor is able to adjust itself thousands of times per second and we have it programmed to self-adjust thirteen times per second. It sets the pull using a log rhythmic curve. They have completed the only study done so far where a canula was inserted inside of a patient’s disc during treatment and measured the pressure drop using the aforementioned log rhythmic curve.

The DRX9000 features a vivid easy to see screen that shows the desired pull graph as well as what the motor and the machine are currently doing to match that desired outcome of ideal treatment.  Should the patient pull against the machine during treatment the machine will automatically adjust, and the shift will be seen visually. No other device on the market has this capability.

The best way to achieve non-surgical decompression is for the patient to be fully relaxed. When you relax your muscles loosen and it allows the machine to stretch you gently. This takes the pressure off of your spine as well as your entire body that is there normally due to gravity and body weight.

Many patients find such relief they often fall asleep during the treatment.

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a time-tested treatment option that helps by way of a motorized traction table gently elongating the spine altering the force and position. It can alleviate grinding, pinching, and stress on vertebra and discs as well as help to loosen tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments, which have contracted to reinforce and hold your body.

Decompressing the spine relieves pressure exerted on the spinal discs just by standing, walking. When the pressure becomes too great, and the body is in a damaged or weakened state nerves between the discs can bulge and herniate. The decompression allows healing by moving water, oxygen, and other fluid into the discs themselves.

spinal decompression therapy kaster chiropractic drx9000

CASE PRESENTATION It’s all in the pictures

A 28-YEAR-OLD BANK TELLER presented with a one-year history of lower-back pain radiating down his left lower extremity, associated with numbness and tingling sensation down the left leg in the L4 and L5 dermatomal distribution. The symptoms were interfering with the patient’s work and sleep. Prior to his initial visit with Dr. Mustafa Hammad, he underwent six weeks of physical therapy and was treated with NSAIDs, opioids and Lyrica without any relief. A pre-treatment MRI (figure 1) revealed moderate disc herniation at L4-5 level touching the L4 and L5 nerve roots on the left The patient underwent 20 treatment sessions on the DRX9000® over a six week period. A follow up MRI, one month after the last treatment (figure 2) reflected almost total resolution of the herniated L4-5 disc, with improvement in disc morphology, disc height, and neural canal AP diameter at the L4/5 level. Clinically the patient had total resolution of his symptoms. After a one-year follow-up with the patient, he was still symptom free and a repeat MRI still showed no changes from the previous post-treatment MRI. Mustafa A. Hammad, MD, DO, DABIPP, FIPP, FACP, CPI, FAAN, owner of The Neuro Medical Institute, is board certified in neurology, pain medicine and interventional pain management using the DRX900. He can be reached via

MRI DRX9000 before and after

If you are ready to experience decompression therapy in Fort Myers, Florida you are ready for your consultation and appointment at the office of Kaster Chiropractic. Call and schedule today by dialing 239-332-2555.





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