6 Health Boosting Tips You Can Implement in Your Own Life Today!

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6 Health Boosting Tips You Can Implement in Your Own Life Today!

Life is busy. Health can sometimes fall by the wayside when it comes to preventive maintenance. The thing is, when we fail to take care of ourselves eventually it can catch up to us. Much like ignoring the check engine light in your car, if you do not pay attention to how your body feels when something is a miss it may end up in a breakdown later down the road – car or body.

This is why chiropractic care is so important. Not only is it a corrective practice for injuries or health issues you are already dealing with. It is also a preventative health practice. By keeping your body in alignment, it keeps your nervous system healthy and working at top function. When your nervous system is running smoothly it helps keep your entire body in good health. Your nervous system sends out electrical impulses to all of your organs from your brain. They need to be able to communicate in order to maintain good health and function. When that line of communication breaks down or cuts off all together, illness and disease can be the ultimate results.

Along with visiting your chiropractor regularly, here are 6 additional tips you can use and make habits that can help keep your body in the best shape possible.

Stay hydrated. Every organ and every cell in your body need water to operate. Drinking nonalcoholic non caffeinated beverages is vital. Soda, coffee, and drinks containing alcohol do not count toward your daily intake of liquid. They are dehydrating.  Water, sparkling waters, juice and herbal teas are all good choices.
Water makes up 70% of your body weight. It helps expel waste, keeps your temperature in check, lubricates joints, and protects tissues. Water intake needed depends on several factors -exercise, environment, condition of health, and pregnancy. 8 glasses a day has been the standard, but some need more and some need less.

Urine color and how you feel are the markers. Your urine color should be a pale yellow to clear. If it is dark, you are in a water deficit. You may also notice dry lips and skin which should be paid attention to. Up the water intake.


Get Enough Sleep. Sleep is when our bodies repair themselves. We need sleep daily to stay healthy. Rest when you are tired, naps are wonderful for refreshing ourselves. Insomnia, over time, can take a big toll on our health mentally and physically so if you are not sleeping talk to your doctor.


Eat Your Veggies (or Drink Your Greens). – Getting enough greens in your diet can be challenging in our fast-paced society. U.S. dietary guidelines suggest 2 to 2-1/2 cups of vegetables daily. Many of us do not get that. A great way to get your vegetables in is to drink powdered greens. Its quick and very nutritionally dense. One glass a day can impact health positively.


Get Sunlight on Your Skin and In Your Eyes Daily. The sun is a health booster. Sun on your skin tells your body to make Vitamin D which is vital to numerous parts of the body. Vitamin D boosts your immune system, helps regulate calcium and phosphates, keeps bones and teeth healthy as well as muscles, gives you a mood boost, helps with energy, and can keep your heart strong. Wear sunglasses only when you really need to. Sun helps regulate your pineal gland in the brain as well and that is done through sun exposure to the eyes.


Cut Down Inflammation in the body. Chronic widespread inflammation is rampant in the USA. Inflammation results in pain and cognitive issues. It may present as memory issues, cholesterol imbalances, aches and pains, skin issues, and digestive issues.  By changing up your diet to eliminate inflammation causing foods and replacing them with inflammation cutting foods you may just be surprised how much better you start to feel.


Move it or Lose it. – Even if you do not work out every day, movement is necessary for the human body. Get up, stretch, bend, walk, jog, or run. The more movement the better. We were never designed to be stationary creatures, yet we spend hour upon hour in front of the computer and other devices. Make sure you get in some heart pumping cardiovascular exercise at least 3 times per week to maintain heart and circulatory health as well.


The less you move the more stiffness sets in – as we age. It is far easier to keep going than it is to get started so don’t lose momentum.


If you are ready to treat yourself well and feel good in your body, give us a call, and schedule your appointment today. Nutritional health and chiropractic services are available at the office of Kaster Chiropractic in Fort Myers, Florida. 239-332-2555. www.kasterchiropractic.com

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