Improperly Fitting Shoes Can Cause a World of Pain, Now and into Your Future

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Improperly Fitting Shoes Can Cause a World of Pain, Now and into Your Future

Most of us when we are young don’t give much thought to footwear other than asking ourselves “Is it stylish?”

This is especially true of younger women. High heels are such an ingrained fashion accessory that they aren’t given a second thought. Girls get to be in their later teens and the appeal of wearing these leg lengthening, attention getting shoes is strong. The only real second thought most have is “can I walk in them?”

While high heels are the biggest footwear offender, causing bunions, hammer toes, foot pain, corns, plantar fasciitis, and Morton’s neuroma, ill fitted shoes that are too big can also cause painful blisters, callouses and corns as the foot slides around. In contrast a too tightly fitted shoe can result in blisters as well as sores and can quickly progress to infection and nail problems.

These are just the effects they have directly on your feet. Wearing shoes that are hard to walk or stand in as well as ill fitting shoes can throw off your entire gate. They can cause you to walk differently than your natural walk pattern and from.

If this pattern is repeated over the years, you can develop repetitive stress injuries in your ankles, knees, and hips. It may also strain muscles all the way up your back and neck. Getting adjusted regularly can help realign and keep you in alignment but if you keep on putting back on the shoes that caused the issue in the first place, you are in for a long road.

Back in the old days all shoe stores had associates that knew shoes and how to fit them. Those days are pretty much gone. If you are lucky, you can find a foot sizer at a department store. It can measure the length and width of your foot to let you know the proper sized shoe as well as the width you need. The majority of shoes – especially dress shoes these days are all a standard width. That width used to translate to a narrow. Yes, somehow narrow has become the standard. So, if you feel like you are always cramming your foot into shoes and you would normally wear a medium width shoe (which use to be the standard!) you are not wrong.

  • Your feet do change size over time. Just because you have always worn a 7 doesn’t mean you still do.
  • Most people have one foot that is larger than the other. Always measure and try on two shoes.
  • Shoe shop at the end of the day. Feet swell and you do not want shoes that fit in the morning becoming painful by days end.
  • Don’t rely on size alone. Try every shoe on.
  • Not all shoes stretch over time. Make sure they fit when you buy them.
  • Width – at the widest part of the shoe make sure it is not pinching your foot.
  • Depth – check to make sure the end of the shoe is not rubbing against or pinching your toes.
  • There should be 3/8” space (about the width of a finger) at the end of the shoe before your toes hit the front box.

Orthotics need to be mentioned. Though shoes all come with an insert, rarely do they offer great support and they never offer customized support. A custom pair of Foot Leveler orthotics form the office of Kaster Chiropractic slide into any pair of shoes and balance out your entire body. They offer support to your feet and that translates all the way from toe to head.


Our patients swear by their Foot Levelers, many wearing and sticking with them for the majority of their lives. They offer whole body pain relief and pelvic stabilization. You just feel better with a pair in your shoes.


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