Flexibility And Aging: How Staying Flexible Can Keep You Healthy As You Age

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Flexibility And Aging: How Staying Flexible Can Keep You Healthy As You Age

Did you know flexibility plays a huge role in your overall health and wellness?


When you work on improving your flexibility, you may notice that you can move with more ease. In fact, you may even experience less pain.


Want to learn how flexibility can help you counteract the effects of aging? Keep reading. 


First let’s look at what flexibility is and how it relates to your body.


What Is Flexibility?


Flexibility is the body’s ability to move a joint or group of joints through a complete range of motion. In short, flexibility relates to your body’s ability to move. 


The more flexible you are, the easier it is to move. Whether you’re walking, running, stretching, or going about your daily life, flexibility always comes into play.


Unfortunately, the aging process results in the natural loss of elasticity in muscles and tendons, which can cause stiffness in your joints and a decline in your flexibility.


When flexibility is compromised, it can negatively impact your overall health.


Now that you know what flexibility is, let’s explore why flexibility is beneficial for your body and your overall health and wellness.


Why Is Being Flexible Important?


Keep in mind that you don’t need to be able to touch your toes to be flexible. That said, it’s important to maintain some level of flexibility so that your body is more limber. 


Flexibility can help you:


  • Prevent injuries
  • Increase mobility 
  • Improve your posture
  • Build muscle strength 
  • Reduce physical pain


When your body is flexible, you can move with more strength, stability, and mobility. 


Are you ready to get started?


How to Improve Your Flexibility 


While everyone has limitations based on their natural anatomy, there are always ways to improve your flexibility.


Here are a few things you can try:


  • Stretch regularly
  • Practice full range of motion exercises 
  • Visit a chiropractor 


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