Does My Chiropractor Really Need X-rays to Treat Me?

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Does My Chiropractor Really Need X-rays to Treat Me?

Does My Chiropractor Really Need X-rays to Treat Me? Fort Myers ChiropractorYou may wonder if your chiropractor really needs to do X-rays before treating you.

The answer is that it depends on the patient and what is bothering them. Some adjustments are simple and straightforward, no X-ray is needed. Others can be more complicated.

With experience comes knowledge. Dr. Kaster and his associates have treated enough patients hands-on that they can feel spinal misalignments through manual palpation.

But while this might signal an area needing a focused adjustment, X-ray imaging can provide quantitative and qualitative confirmation data that can be utilized in forming a highly specific, tailored treatment plan. This is especially helpful if there has been an accident or degeneration is suspected.

Getting the Full Picture

Through X-rays, a chiropractor can see what might not be apparent during a routine assessment. For instance, it can be hard to diagnose a person’s pelvic tilt due to the shifting sacrum. With the help of imaging, a chiropractor can also identify other conditions such as spinal stenosis.

Imaging can also reveal other conditions such as arthritis and deep scar tissue. These conditions need to be considered in order to determine the best course of action.

X-rays can also help a person visualize the entire spinal system. Think of a puzzle in its box. It would be far more difficult to put the puzzle together if you didn’t have the box with the finished image on it. Having a clear understanding of the pieces you are working with helps greatly to make informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment.

Are X-Rays Safe?

The fact is we are all exposed to low-level radiation daily.

Radiation is measured in microsieverts (μSv). You’re exposed to about 10μSv of environmental radiation each day living on earth. A digital spinal x-ray is between 20μSv and 80μSv. You get the same or less radiation from one spinal x-ray as you do from about a week normally. The lowest single dose of radiation that’s associated with increasing your risk for developing cancer is 100,000μSv.

For a few more radiation idea markers:

‣Arm x-ray: 1μSv

‣Dental x-ray: 5μSv

‣Flight from NY to LA: 40μSv

‣Mammogram: 400μSv

‣CT Scan: 10,000μSvOne important thing to keep in mind when it comes to radiation is that its duration and dose matter. Your body can repair damage over time, which means that even if you’re being exposed to elevated levels of radiation, it doesn’t accumulate.

The answer is Yes, X-ray technology is safe.

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