Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt? – I heard a Pop!

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Do Chiropractic Adjustments Hurt? – I heard a Pop!

 I heard a Pop! – What WAS that?

As it turns out, Pain is a common fear for many first-time chiropractic patients. While an adjustment may look a little scary when you have never had it done before, chiropractic manipulations are not painful. Most people find it relaxing and feel relief.

In order to put you at ease we wanted to explain what is happening during an adjustment, physiologically.

What is the popping sound during an adjustment?

The pop comes from a gas release between the joints, just the same as when you crack your knuckles. This gas held within is harmless and releasing it is pain free. There are even some low force chiropractic techniques that do not cause the body to pop in this way. As well as understanding the “pop’ there are some relaxation techniques many doctors use to help the adjustment go smoothly.

These techniques allow maximum comfort during and after the adjustment, by allowing the muscles and body to relax. One of the most common places that people tense up is when your chiropractor gets to the neck adjustments.

It is completely normal for your body to be protective of the neck. In order to keep the neck muscles relaxed, try imaging you’re lying on a pillow. People will unconsciously try and hold the weight of their head, but the more loose the neck is, the easier the adjustment will be. If you are a person who likes to be in control this can be more of a challenge.

There can sometimes be soreness after an adjustment, just like after a workout. This holds especially true if you have been out of alignment for a long time. The adjustment stimulates the muscles, which can lead to fatigue. Icing post adjustment can help prevent and relieve any pain. The severity should be mild if it is extremely intense contact your chiropractor.

Your chiropractor wants you to be comfortable. As the patient, never be afraid to tell the doctor if something was uncomfortable. Communication is key. Once the first-time adjustment butterflies pass, you’ll be eager to get on the table every appointment.

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