2021 The Year of Adrenal Fatigue

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2021 The Year of Adrenal Fatigue

2020 was beyond stressful for a lot of us. We had great hope 2021 might change that but it seems to have continued. This level of stress on our minds and bodies takes a toll on our adrenal glands. Adrenal glands are small triangularly shaped glands located on the top of each kidney.

Adrenal glands produce hormones such as adrenalin, cortisol, aldosterone, DHEA, and Norepinephrine, to help regulate your immune system, blood pressure, stress response, insomnia, and metabolism. Ideally, they are there to help you in the case of an emergency where your fight or flight response is activated. It’s intended to help you get out of a potentially life-threatening situation and the flood of chemicals is supposed to be for a very short period of time. However, when we are being constantly bombarded with COVID and world crises that response system sometimes does not shut off. With it being switched on all the time it wears down your adrenal glands like a phone battery if you are constantly on it.

When worn down, that’s it. There is nothing if much left and the result is exhaustion, irritability, illness, brain fog, cognitive issues, cravings for salty foods and sugar, moodiness, and needing a nap during the day.

While we can’t magically fix the world or eliminate the stress, we can help to support the adrenals as well as the rest of your body through chiropractic, relaxation techniques, massage, and of course proper diet and supplementation.

If you are exhausted all the time, grouchy, and depressed you may just have adrenal fatigue. It is steadily on the rise and thankfully is fairly easily corrected once you realize what’s going on.

Chiropractic can be helpful in the treatment of adrenal fatigue. Because the focus is on restoring proper working of the nervous system by way of spinal health and alignment. Specific subluxations can be corrected and nervous system electrical impulse restored.

Massage relaxes the muscles and the entire body, mind and all. It can be very helpful to sooth you back into a literal alignment.

Supplementation is key. Let Dr. Kaster help find the exact right replacement support for your body and needs. As well as a seasoned chiropractor he is also a professional nutritionist with years of experience helping to rebalance and replenish his patient’s bodies leading to them rebounding back to feeling like themselves again.

Give the office of Kaster Chiropractic a call today at 239-332-2555 if you are tired of feeling tired.



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