Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

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Chiropractic Care for Low Back Pain

One of the most often asked questions we get from patients with lower back pain is “how long do you think it could be before I feel better?”

That’s a very fair question. Healing and becoming pain free are the ultimate outcome here after all. For acute low back pain 2 to 4 weeks is standard. This encompasses 6 to 12 sessions in that time frame.

The initial treatment is the passive phase. Adjustments are done and the patient remains at rest using ice, heat, ultrasound, traction, and massage. The patient is not given any exercises at this point to strengthen the back muscles.

The second part of the treatment is what is known as the active phase. Exercises are added in at home to increase function and strength. This helps get you back to your daily life. Muscle supports the spine so the more muscle you have the better your spine and adjustments will hold in place.

Most patients with acute back pain (sudden onset) have symptoms that resolve in the first 4 weeks. Some patients though do go on to the level of chronic back pain lasting more than 12 weeks. If that is the case, you may have reached a healing plateau.

If the pain is mild to severe a patient may still need 1-6 visits for an episode. Rarely patients need ongoing care of 1 to 4 visits per month.

Generally back pain will subside over time with treatment. We have had great success over the years with our patients here in Fort Myers, Florida.

Living with chronic low back pain is a challenge, but chiropractors want to stress to patients that self-therapy is an important part of pain management. This can include rehabilitation and range-of-motion exercises.

Make sure to communicate all of your symptoms as well as what you are doing at home to help when you meet with your Chiropractor. That way you will get the best most effective care possible.

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