Are You Experiencing Headaches Following a Car Accident?

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Are You Experiencing Headaches Following a Car Accident?

If you have been in a recent automobile accident it is quite normal to be experiencing headaches. Car accidents, no matter how minor, cause the head and brain to be jolted and shaken in a violent motion. It can cause what is known as post-traumatic headaches. This may or may not be diagnosed right alongside whiplash.

The majority of headaches resolve within three months of the accident, however, if you do have a misalignment present from the accident the pain can be ongoing until that alignment is corrected.

How do you correct a misalignment in your neck and or spine?

Spinal alignments (Correction of subluxations) are done through chiropractic adjustments. These gentle noninvasive adjustments put your spine back in place allowing free nerve communication and blood flow throughout the body.

Along with adjustments exercises to strengthen the area are often suggested. These exercises are considered a form of physical therapy and you can do them right at home most of the time with simple equipment like light weights or exercise bands.

Complementing therapies such as heat, ice, stretching, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation may also be used to relax and soothe the weary muscles. They can greatly speed the healing of soft tissue damage.

Arnica Montana 30X (Homeopathic medication available at most health food stores) can also help with bruising, trauma, and muscle soreness when taken after a traumatic event to the body.

Rest, Time, Sleep, and Being Easy on Yourself are also vital to the healing process.

It is completely normal to feel tired, run-down, and need to recover.

You may not get a headache right after the accident. This is known as a delayed onset headache. When a sudden trauma occurs your body goes into fight or flight mode. It is instinctual and embedded in our DNA helping you to get out of the situation causing you injury.

The two to three days following will begin to tell the tale of how hurt you actually are. It is important to see your chiropractor as soon as you can following a crash. We can help with everything – pain management, realignment, and healing, and even take care of all of the paperwork with your insurance company.

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