Dealing With Auto Accident After Effects

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Dealing With Auto Accident After Effects

Immediately following a car crash your body goes into a state of protective shock. Even if you are bruised or even have broken bones or internal injuries you may not feel anything. That is why it is important to get evaluated by a physician.

You may or may not elect to go in the ambulance away from the scene of the accident to the hospital but please do know that in the state of Florida you only have 14 days to file a claim against your auto policy in order to utilize your PIP (personal injury protection) insurance. If you wait too long you will be rendered unable to use the coverage you have been paying for. In Florida, unless you elect additional medical coverage this is an allotted set amount of $10,000 dollars.

Even if your medical doctor checks you out and you indeed do not have anything broken or injured internally you would be well advised to seek chiropractic treatment as well. Even a low-speed crash can jar your skeletal system out of alignment causing subluxations that can hamper nerve communication with any organ in the body, the brain included depending on the location of the misalignment.

Subluxations and cut off nerve path and electrical impulses can cause pain and over time even lead to breakdown and disease.

While you may not have sustained what they deem any major injuries you very well could have whiplash or other soft tissue damage. Whiplash needs to be treated and corrected or you could be looking at major neck and back problems down the road. Soft tissue damage also needs attention or it can lead to long-lasting pain.

Chiropractic can help to realign and minimize the chance of permanent damage. When combined with other accompanying modalities like massage therapy, ultrasound, hot and cold therapy, stretching, and decompression traction therapy the odds of truly healing are boosted greatly.

The sooner you get treatment the better off your prognosis for long term wellness following an auto accident.

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