Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries in Fort Myers, Florida

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Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Injuries in Fort Myers, Florida

No matter how minor the fender bender, every motor vehicle accident can be traumatic to the body and mind.

Accidents cause your body to flood with endorphins which allow you to keep going even if you are hurt. It is perfectly normal to feel fine at first and then in the following days to weeks begin to realize that you may have sustained some injuries after all.

Fort Myers chiropractic care provider Kaster Chiropractic and Associates, want to stress the need to visit your chiropractic care provider as soon after your accident as possible. There is even an app you can add to your phone that will connect you with the office of Kaster Chiropractic and Associates immediately. We advise our patients to load it onto their smart phone to be prepared.

Should you get checked out?

Even if you feel like you are fine following an accident, it is important to have a doctor evaluate you. In Florida legally you only have 14 days following the accident to file a PIP (personal injury protection) claim with your auto insurance provider. If you miss that deadline, you forfeit the benefit, and all medical care will be paid out of pocket.

  1. Injury Detection Specialists – Beyond the ER

Your chiropractor specializes in the musculoskeletal system. Correcting spinal misalignment and any resulting damage to the nervous system. They also consider soft tissue injury and the pain this can cause. This is vital for all in the car not just the driver but passengers as well. The ER only looks for broken bones and injured organs. They do not deal in the subtle pains of the body. Its good to go to the ER and get checked out, but follow up with your chiropractor to fix misalignments and heal soft tissue, ligament, tendon, and muscle damage.

  1. Non-invasive Treatments

The office of Kaster Chiropractic utilizes non-invasive techniques to help ease pain and discomfort.

Physical therapy at home exercises and massage may also be incorporated into your treatment plan. Chiropractic does not utilize prescription drug therapy however we do work in conjunction with medical practitioners should short term pain management be needed.

  1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the joints, muscles, along with aches and pains and loss or range of motion are all a part of soft tissue injury. Spinal manipulations and realignment can help to restore your body’s natural motion and help you recover more quickly.

  1. Reduce Inflammation

Chiropractic care is essential in reducing inflammation and restoring your spine to its natural alignment. Areas that experience trauma become inflamed. Inflammation slows the healing process and produces pain and tenderness. Reduce the inflammation = reduce the pain.

  1. Whiplash Injuries

During an accident, your head may snap sharply forward and back. This can easily injure the tissues and muscles of the neck and even damage the spine itself.

Whiplash is painful and if not properly cared for can become a lifelong issue.

Dr. Kaster treats whiplash injuries at Kaster Chiropractic and Associates in Fort Myers, Florida on a regular basis with great results.


Your health is important, and automobile accidents can cause long-term problems if not treated. If you’ve been in an accident, schedule an appointment with Kaster Chiropractic and Associates. 239-332-2555 or visit us online to learn more!



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