Auto Accident Injuries Need to Be Treated in Person Not Via TeleHealth

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Auto Accident Injuries Need to Be Treated in Person Not Via TeleHealth

With everything that is going on in the world today we are centered around the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic. Business is closed, schools are not in session, and even many doctor’s offices have closed their doors to patients instead of offering from home Telehealth sessions.

While TeleHealth sessions will most certainly help stop the spread and enforce social distancing they will not suffice for every medical issue or situation. Being involved in a traffic accident is one of them.

No matter how small the crash, all impacts are jarring to the body. Visiting your chiropractor after a crash is vital. The sooner you get adjusted, the more easily and quickly your body can recover and heal.

The office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. is still open for business. We are, however, taking every precaution possible to ensure your continued health and that of our staff.

What we are doing: We will still process your claim for you so you do not have to do any of the work. Just fill us in on the accident details and hand us your insurance card. We do the rest.

Precautions: Moving forward we are asking all patients that show any symptoms of illness to cancel their appointments until they have recovered. Follow up with your primary care physician and/or a COVID-19 testing location. 

Patients coming into the office, we request they wash their hands in the bathroom before signing in. The staff will be wearing construction masks to help protect both patients and staff until proper masks can be obtained. We have ordered a forehead thermometer and will be checking temperatures at check-in, once received. We have plenty of hand sanitizer at the office please use it. We are wiping down (Clorox wipes) the door handles, bathroom, and equipment frequently. 

Give us a call at the office if you have been in a car accident and let us get you the care you need in this time of crisis. 239-332-2555.


Dr. Kaster, D.C.

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