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We know its Counter Intuitive, But It’s Actually More Important to Drink More Water in the Winter Season – Yes, Even in Florida.

With colder temperatures comes dryer air. A slightly lower humidity percentage may not seem like a big deal in the tropics, but it does mean that more water wicks itself away from the body and needs to be replaced through oral hydration. Staying hydrated is important for all the functions of the body to work [...]

Is it Allergies or a Chemical Sensitivity?

Allergy medicines are a multimillion-dollar industry. Every year “Allergy Season” rolls around and many people feel just awful. It can encompass sneezing to watery itchy eyes that tear down your face, red eyes, watery runny nose, stuffy nose, congestion, swollen eyes, and dreadful headaches. Symptoms in some may get so severe they can barely function [...]