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Our clinic specializes in restoring your health and your appearance with non-surgical pain relief and anti-aging treatments, so you can live a healthier, happier more productive life!

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Dr. Jason Kaster Dr. Jason Kaster
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Our chiropractor in Fort Myers, Dr. Kaster, offers non-surgical pain relief treatments that are highly effective at restoring function to areas of the body where muscles, bones, or joints have been affected by disease, stress, injury or natural aging.

Whether you are in pain due to an acute or chronic injury, looking for more sustainable, long-term health results or just want to feel a whole lot better, we can help you.

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Living With Back Pain? Experience Pain-Free Living with Our Advanced Spinal Decompression Solutions!

At West Coast Integrative Wellness Center, we provide management of pain and disability for those suffering from back and neck pain, a degenerative spine, disc herniations, pinched nerves, and sciatica.

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Auto Injury Care

Our clinic specializes in treating auto-related injuries. If you are suffering from pain or mobility issues following a vehicle accident, you can rest assured that you and your injuries will be treated with care, and your recovery regimen will be tailored to your unique needs.

Auto Injury Care

Common auto accident injuries that we treat include:

  • Whiplash
  • Bulging Disc & Herniation
  • Pulled Ligaments & Muscles
  • Damaged or Pinched Nerves
  • Head Injuries
  • Low Back Pain
  • Subluxations of the Spine
  • Injuries to the shoulder, knee, hip or other joint

Regardless of the specific circumstances around your car accident, it is essential that you seek a prompt evaluation. We have the right treatments that can prevent your condition from worsening or turning into a chronic issue. Our goal is to guide you not only to a personalized plan to get you in the best health possible, but also how to get insurance to cover your costs.

There’s No Reason To Live With Pain! Our minimally invasive, natural treatments provide long lasting relief
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Our policy is to never let money be a barrier between someone getting the care they want and need.

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  • Dylan L.

    "Hey everyone, I have been to about 100 chiropractors in my life due to always being in pain. Dr. Kaster is by far the best chiropractor I have had the pleasure of working with. He handles his patients with the utmost care and respect. It is a very comforting feeling when your chiropractor is as educated as Dr. Kaster is! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!"

  • Adriana L.

    "My husband has had trouble adjusting his lower back. No chiropractor could ever do what Dr. Kaster did. Dr. Kaster is such a sweet soul and he tells you step by step the process. (Which I Love) Highly recommend him and his office staff are all so loving and caring! Great Team!"

  • Kenneth M.

    "I have been to many chiropractors in my life. Doctor Kaster is by far the best. I have a lot of lower back pain. At 1 point, I was even considering surgery and doctor Kastor said to let him work on my back. As long as I consistently visit him for adjustments, my back has never been better. I have been able to do things I haven't been able to do in years. Thank you Dr. Kaster."

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Natural Pain Relief

Natural pain relief is at the core of all of the treatments we provide at our wellness center. We avoid suggesting invasive surgery or relying on pain medication to mask symptoms. When evaluating your injury or condition, our approach is to recommend a treatment plan that addresses the underlying root cause of pain rather than just alleviating the symptoms.

The non-surgical pain relief treatments we provide include:

Our natural treatments also offer an alternative to invasive surgeries, which often involve prolonged recovery periods. Procedures like hip replacements, knee replacements, or back surgery can lead to persistent pain and mobility challenges that extend beyond the expected recovery timeframe.

If you're dealing with pain that hasn't responded to traditional treatments, call us today at (239) 332-2555 and take the first step towards natural and lasting relief.

Chiropractic Care Fort Myers

Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractor in Fort Myers, Dr. Kaster, offers a safe and effective alternative for treating misalignments in the musculoskeletal system. This is especially beneficial for addressing issues in the spine or joints that may result from chronic degeneration or injury.

Dr. Kaster employs both active and passive methods to relieve the stress causing discomfort. Regular chiropractic care not only provides pain relief but also contributes to increased joint mobility, expanded range of motion, improved sleep quality, enhanced productivity at work, and an overall better quality of life.

Chiropractic treatments are effective in addressing various issues, such as:

If you have been living with pain or limited mobility, take the first step towards optimal well-being by scheduling an appointment with us. Call us today at (239) 332-2555 and let our team help you regain your best self.

What is Regenerative Medicine Fort Myers

Regenerative Medicine

West Coast Integrative Wellness Center, where we specialize in regenerative medicine—an approach dedicated to restoring the body's natural function by replacing, engineering, or re-engineering human cells, tissues, or organs.

As leaders in the field of regenerative medicine, our healthcare clinic is thrilled to provide access to two groundbreaking treatment options: Human Cellular Tissue and Platelet-Rich Plasma. These cutting-edge therapies offer relief from conditions such as knee pain, joint pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoarthritis, as well as tendon and ligament damage.

If you're dealing with persistent pain or have a degenerative condition, and if previous treatments have yielded no success, call us today at (239) 332-2555 and schedule a consultation to explore whether you might be a suitable candidate for these transformative regenerative therapies.

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