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Vertigo Helped by Chiropractic

If you have ever experienced Vertigo, you know it is one of the single strangest most off-putting sensations one can have and you would like it to stop as soon as possible when an attack begins. It feels like you are spinning even though your physical body is perfectly still.

There are 4 Main Causes of Vertigo

1. Meniere’s disease is caused by changing pressure in the ear combined with an excess build-up of fluid. This can cause hearing loss as well as vertigo if left unattended.

2. (BPPV) Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is a condition affecting the inner ear. Calcium particles build up in the ear canals. It is more likely as you age, but the exact cause remains unknown.

3. Vestibular Neuritis is associated with having an ear infection. Inflammation, in this case, is the cause behind the vertigo symptoms.

4. Cervicogenic Vertigo (Cervical Vertigo), can be helped by chiropractic adjustments. Given that the vertigo is rooted in the inner ear, a trained Chiropractor can use the Epley Maneuver to help move the calcium deposit debris to a more unobtrusive position. Stretching exercises may be given as homework.

Physical therapy to strengthen the vestibular system may be recommended as well as anti-inflammatory herbs and or over the counter or prescriptions may be prescribed. In extreme cases where nothing else gives relief, surgery may also be an option.

Trying chiropractic care first is a smart first step. It is noninvasive and gentle. The goal of chiropractic is to guide your body into the correct alignment so that all of your nerve pathways are functioning at 100%. This allows your body the best opportunity and environment possible to initiate healing.

If you experience Vertigo, you don’t have to simply suffer in silence. Call our office 239-332-2555 and make an appointment.

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