Back Pain Symptoms

[dropcap]B[/fusion_dropcap]ack pain is its own symptom. However, there are various ways to feel back pain, and your symptoms depend on what is causing your pain and where it is affecting your spine.

Your back pain may be acute or chronic. Acute pain lasts four to six weeks, but chronic pain is persistent, long-term pain—sometimes lasting throughout life. At times, people with chronic pain can aggravate or exacerbate their condition resulting in acute pain.

Back pain may be sudden and sharp—or it may be dull. Pain may occur with movement, and it may even occur with coughing and sneezing. You may also have numbness in your arms or legs. (Leg symptoms are often referred to as sciatica caused by a pressured or impinged nerve.)

It’s important to treat your back pain properly. Contact your physician or chiropractor— and seek immediate attention if you have back pain with any of the following emergency signs:

  • Pain is increasing in intensity and getting worse
  • Pain affects every day activities
  • Moderate symptoms
  • Groin or leg weakness or numbness
  • Arm or hand weakness, tingling, or numbness
  • Loss of bowel or bladder control
  • Because there are a variety of causes of back pain, it’s vital to know the exact cause of your pain, and your doctor will help figure that out.

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