The Benefits of Stretching

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The Benefits of Stretching

Our bodies were created for movement. They are intended to be limber and pliable. Many of us in today’s society end up choosing professions that entail us either sitting or standing still for hours on end. It isn’t doing any of us any favors. While you cannot simply quit your job, you can make those long work days work for you by adding movement.

Every hour or so, get up and stretch. If you are already standing all day, stretch out and then sit and take a break even if it is just for a few minutes. You will be surprised at how incorporating stretching into your daily routine can help you feel better and more energized.

Here are a few of the benefits of loosening up those muscles

Avoid Mid-Day Crash – Tired at 3 pm and need a pick me up? A stretching break will re-energize you just as well as a cafe mocha with far fewer calories, carbs or sugars.

Stretching Boosts Stability – Stretching helps with fine motor and muscle coordination. Strong loose muscle helps you especially as you age to avoid trip and fall accidents.

More Movement with Less Pain – Stretching leads to a more full range of motion. Full range of motion is linked to less pain overall. So get up and move.

Flexibility helps with exercise – Though it is most used during yoga or barre sessions, a properly moving body will assist you to keep proper form in any exercise or sport leading to less likely hood of injury and better overall results in the gym.

Lower Blood Sugar – Strangely enough stretching sessions help to lower your blood sugar levels. This is particularly helpful if you are diabetic.

Stretching Releases Stress – Stress can be held physically in the muscle fibers. It makes you feel tight and scrunched up. Taking breaks to stretch out can literally make you feel less anxious and stressed.

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