Is It Really Necessary to See A Chiropractor Following A Car Accident?

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Is It Really Necessary to See A Chiropractor Following A Car Accident?

Often directly following an accident you may feel just fine. If someone were to ask you “Are you ok?” Your answer would likely be “Yes.” The problem is that our bodies are designed to survive. It’s an inborn genetic level response on a cellular level. Your body automatically overcompensates by sending endorphins so that you can keep going and get out of harm’s way.

Essentially your body is in a kind of state of shock. That has to wear off before you will feel any injury. Major traumatic injuries like cuts, contusions, internal injuries and broken bones all need to be ruled out by EMTs at the scene at the time of the accident. The thing is, just because you are deemed “fine” by their checklist of standards doesn’t mean that you haven’t sustained soft tissue damage and may be experiencing misalignment issues.

If you haven’t been in an accident before it can be a confusing and scary experience.

Though pain from car accident impact can be felt anywhere in the body depending on a variety of factors the most common injuries felt are in the neck. This is mostly because of the way seat belts hold us to the vehicle. It keeps our bodies stationary yet, we have to have our heads mobile to be able to operate the car or truck.

When your vehicle is hit your head and neck lunge forward in the opposing direction from the crash source. It is then whipped back before settling into place again, hence the term “whiplash”. Whiplash (Hyperflexion-hyperextension) injuries can affect the intervertebral discs, joint capsules and, the surrounding soft tissue.

If you sustain a whiplash injury it may present in more ways than simple neck pain. You may also experience:

Inflammation, stiffness, and soreness


Arm pain or numbness




Feeling like you may pass out

Lack of clear thought


Jaw pain

Back pain

So while the question of “Is it necessary to see a Chiropractor following an accident?” may be up for opinionated debate depending on belief when it comes to health care, it is a resounding yes if you wish your body to be at tip-top capacity to be able to heal itself in as short of a time frame as possible and in the proper alignment to do it.

Think of your Chiropractor as your body mechanic. You wouldn’t expect your car to drive just fine following a crash if the frame was bent. Would you?

At your post-accident appointment, your doctor will do a thorough exam and physical assessment which includes X-rays. Generally, an immediate adjustment will be done so that your body has the best chance to recoup correctly. At that time a treatment plan will be laid out. Even the smallest accidents when adjustments needed remain unresolved and out of place can begin building scar tissue. This can lead to osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.


What do to after the crash happens:

  1. Ice. Apply ice to the pained areas for 15 minutes every hour. This will help limit swelling
  2. Remain calm. Your body is experiencing enough stress without your mental state playing into it.
  3. Take Homeopathic Medication. Arnica Montana. It is taken under the tongue (sublingually) every 3-4 hours. It helps with pain, bruising, and muscle soreness.
  4. Anti-Inflammatories. Turmeric, Bromelain, and over the counter NSAIDS all help though the NSAIDs actually can slow the healing process whereas the natural enzymes have been shown to speed it up.
  5. Meditate. This can offer temporary relief and certainly promotes rest.

In the days and weeks following be kind to yourself. Go easy. Your body will heal, but it’s a slow process. Follow your chiropractor’s recommendations.

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