Custom Foot Orthotics: The Solution for Your Ailments

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Custom Foot Orthotics: The Solution for Your Ailments

Get Happy Feet (Plus, improved posture and pain relief)

Y ou have all ten of your toes and your feet look just fine. So you don’t need custom made shoe inserts, right?

Maybe not– an attractive set of trotters doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have a problem with your feet, as well an issue with your posture. Orthotics can help bring long-lasting relief from pain and discomfort anywhere from your neck down to your feet.

Your feet are your body’s foundation. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to stand, walk, or run. In addition, your feet protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues by absorbing the initial shock and pressure as we move.

Dr. Jason B. Kaster, a Fort Myers Chiropractor, can help you to improve and support your foundation. Our new orthotics are now available to boost your body’s performance and competence. Custom orthotics by Foot Levelers stabilize and balance the feet to decrease pain thus, adding to overall wellness of the body. Our newly available custom orthotics will harmonize with other treatments to ensure you live a balanced life.

Building you the perfect orthotic, from our super-accurate 3D laser technology

With the help of our very efficient and accurate Foot Levelers 3D imaging system, your perfect orthotics will boost your performance and health.

  • Arch Height Mapping – Identifies the asymmetry in your feet
  • Recognizes the feet’s impact with the entire kinetic chain
  • Quick and easy – Your foot evaluation will take less than a minute
  • The most defined and accurate imaging in the industry

Research shows that custom functional orthotics help the following conditions:

Custom Foot Orthotics Fort Myers FL

Answers to the Top 4 Questions about our Custom Orthotics:

1. Why use custom orthotics?

The orthotics at Dr. Kaster’s aid in promoting correct posture and a balanced physical performance in all of your activities, work, and sports. Custom orthotics are commonly used to prevent foot-related symptoms; neck pain, low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain can be prevented through the use of our orthotics. Most of all, they’re the best way to manage bunions, spurs, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions. Anyone can improve their quality of life by using orthotics.

2. Why is it not a good idea to purchase Over-the-Counter orthotics?

The orthotics that are available at your local Walmart are mass-produced for the general population. Over-the-counter orthotics aren’t made according to your individual needs. They might makes you feel more comfortable (ahhh, squishy gel), but they don’t address or prevent postural problems as compared to the orthotics we offer, which are created specifically for you.

3. I want to order Dr. Kaster’s custom orthotics by Foot Levelers.
What do I do?

If you’re interested, and live in the Fort Myers area, you should schedule an appointment with us and approach Dr. Kaster about wanting to try our custom orthotics. After some quick measurements with our 3D technology, you’ll just wait for your Foot Levelers orthotics to arrive in mail.

See the functional orthotics catalog here:

4. What process is used to capture information about my feet? 

Precise information about your feet is obtained by Dr. Kaster using scans that generate high-resolution 3D images. These images are made through the Foot Levelers 3D BodyView® imaging device that uses one of the most exact measuring techniques: the laser triangulation technique. Thus, a perfected pair of orthotics is made for your feet.

Custom Foot Orthotics Fort Myers FL

Ready to get started?

Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. KasterIn Fort Myers, FL, we produce the best custom-made orthotics that will support and reposition the structures of your feet. Our experienced chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. Kaster, aims to design the most appropriate orthotics based on your condition and individual needs. We’ll also make sure that your orthotics will fit perfectly on any type of shoe that you have.

Having concerns about your feet or posture? You don’t have to worry. Make an appointment with us now at our Fort Myers Chiropractor Clinic, and rest assured, you’ll have the best quality custom-made orthotics.


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