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Thanksgiving – Appreciation and Health

The true meaning sometimes gets lost amongst the holiday party planning, shopping, cooking and preparation, relatives visiting, and kids running around not to mention the distraction of the football games and parades.

Thanksgiving is intended as a time to come together for a day to celebrate one another and everything good that we have both together and separately. It is a day to give thanks and express gratitude.

Some families have a tradition of going around the table allowing each person to say what they are thankful for, but many no longer do this, considering it old-fashioned or hokey, and some just aren’t comfortable with self-expression in this manner.

It is important for our own wellbeing to be able to express gratitude for all we have been given. When you express thankfulness, it opens the way to receive even greater abundance in your life. Which is why the phrase “an attitude of gratitude” has stuck hold in our vocabulary.

If you are not comfortable expressing yourself at the dinner table take a quiet moment and make for yourself a gratitude list. It doesn’t matter how small or trivial something sounds. If you are happy it is in your life, write it down. You will be surprised to see just how long your list ends up being! Not to mention how much better you actually feel when you are done.

Many of us get so set in our daily routines that we forget to look around, stop and breathe and just take in all that is around us including all of the people that care about us and love us.

If you are a parent and have kids, this is a fantastic thing to do with them. Give them crayons if they are too young to write and let them draw what they are happy about in their world. Their artwork may surprise you.

So, eat, drink and be Merry. Have seconds thirds and fourths. Wear the stretchy pants to the table and take this day to appreciate all the good things. A grateful mindset can do wonders for your health.

Happy Thanksgiving!


All of us here at the office of Dr. Kaster, D.C.

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