Are You Suffering With A Mystery Headache That Will Not Go Away?

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Are You Suffering With A Mystery Headache That Will Not Go Away?

It could be your thyroid! We recently have been treating a patient who came in complaining of one-sided headaches – specifically one constant headache which was unrelenting. She would wake up in the middle of the night in such severe pain she would be in tears. She had seen her normal general practitioner who had initially dismissed it as a tension headache and prescribed ibuprofen and Fioricet for pain as needed expecting it to soon go away. 2 Rounds of antibiotics were tried as well to eliminate possible sinus infection.  She also tried essential oil of peppermint used topically which helped somewhat, along with heat and ice therapy as well as Turmeric for inflammation. The pain still never fully would go away though.

Working in conjunction with her new primary care doctor our office and theirs have, through a rigorous process of elimination, been able to pinpoint the issue and it is now beginning to resolve. By sharing her story, with her permission, we hope to be able to help others who may be out there suffering and not knowing what to do to help themselves.

When symptoms are this severe and the patient, who normally responds incredibly well to chiropractic adjustments, it was concerning. This case, in particular, represents the spectrum of care you can receive from your chiropractor outside of just the typical spinal adjustments most think of.

The process of elimination included:

  1. Regular chiropractic adjustments
  2. Spinal Scans
  3. Massage therapy
  4. A visit to the optometrist
  5. A visit to get an MRI head scan
  6. A trip to the ENT
  7. Blood work
  8. Dental Check to eliminate tooth issues


The Findings:
Despite past car accidents, all nerves signaling well on spinal scans. Spine in alignment. It is not the cause of the current headache issues.

  • Reading glasses were issued to be used for very low light restaurants to read menus and also to help prevent possible eye strain on the computer for long lengths of time.
  • Dental findings – teeth in perfect condition. They are not causing any pain.
  • The MRI revealed a seriously deviated septum (center cartilage in the nose moved to the side making it difficult to breathe and very susceptible to repeated sinus infections over the years) a very probable cause of headaches.
  • The ENT did a flexible long rubber scope with a camera on it up through the nasal passages. This confirmed that the septum was very deviated and that the patient would benefit greatly from surgery.
  • Blood work – this was a tremendous help. What was found was that the patient was incredibly far out of range on both THS and T4 for thyroid. This finding alone can be a plausible explanation for the headache as well as other symptoms the patient had been experiencing including issues losing weight and always feeling cold.

The patient is continuing regular chiropractic and nutritional care with the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. as well as ongoing care with her primary to try and regulate her thyroid naturally. So far she is feeling marked improvement and is incredibly thankful to both Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. and her new much appreciated Primary who Dr. Kaster recommended Dr. Brian Martin. She will also be undergoing a septoplasty surgery with Dr. Patrick Kane of Naples in order to correct the physical devotion inside of the nose to help with breathing and in all probability help eliminate future sinus infection issues.

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