When Polled, the #1 Thing Most American’s Are Thankful for in 2019 was…

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When Polled, the #1 Thing Most American’s Are Thankful for in 2019 was…

Every year about this time Thanksgiving rolls around. People pause and take a moment to really reflect on how much we have living ins such an abundant country. We all take things for granted sometimes, getting lost in the negative news on tv and in the newspapers. We grump and gripe at one another and get in moods, but all in all, life here in the USA is still rated among the top places in the world to live.

Thanksgiving is time to switch up your perspective and look on the bright side and at your blessings of which you have many.

We have looked over a dozen different studies and come to the conclusion that the old adage is totally true. “Without health you have nothing.” Ringing in at number one was health.

This was followed closely by family, family, pets, personal freedom, their jobs, a roof over their heads, and life in general.

The more you can live in gratitude and be thankful for what you have the more good things will come to you. It is very true that we get what we put out and that life is a reflection. Taking care of our bodies and our health is vital to happiness and being easily able to live in a state of gratitude.

This Thanksgiving ask yourself “What am I most thankful for this year and how can I make 2020 even better?”

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