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Life Expectancy Is Ever Increasing – Take Care Of Yourself

Back in the 1700s and even into the late 1800s life expectancy for both men and women was only in the range of 28 to 35 years. It seems strange now, but that was the norm back then. People married and had kids early because in truth, “life is short” wasn’t just a saying.

Today in the united states the median age is 35 to 40, this lends credence to the possibility that these citizens will likely live to the average 2019 predicted life expectancy ages of 80 years for men and 84 years for women.

That is a massive increase in the course of a human lifetime. Thanks to modern medicine, better access to clean water, healthy food, less strenuous work, better exercise programs, and of course genetic as they play out over time we are living longer than ever before.

This lengthened life span comes with many benefits – being able to see your children grow up, meet your grandchildren and even great-grandchildren, witness the changing times in society, be able to accomplish more in both our work and personal lives, and so much more.

There is a catch though. If you are going to be around that long, in order to enjoy it, you have to stay healthy.

Age, of course, comes with a few wrinkles, aches, pains, and drawbacks, but major illness should not have to be one of them, nor should chronic pain. The best solution is to be proactive in your own health. Doctors are fantastic, and they are there to help unravel health problems as they arise, but you have to be your own health advocate. It is your body and you are the only one who knows it as well as you do and the only one who has been in it since birth.

Tips for Healthy Aging

-Drink a gallon of water daily

-Move. Being sedentary can cause all kinds of issues. The old adage “If you don’t use it you lose it” is completely true. Walk, swim, bike, whatever you enjoy – just keep active.

-Eat your vegetables

-Eat enough protein (1g per lb of bodyweight daily)

-Take a good multivitamin

-Get to your chiropractor regularly (think of it as a tune-up)

-Massage helps in very much the same way. It isn’t a luxury, it’s a health boost.

-Take time to yourself – stress can lead to early death and a bunch of health problems along the way. Meditate, take time alone, just unwind – daily.

-Express yourself. Whether it is through talking, writing, phone conversations, painting, whatever your outlet – we all need one.

-Do not ignore symptoms! This is a big one. So many people try and ignore things away. Pain is your body’s check engine light. You wouldn’t ignore it in your car so don’t ignore it in your body. If something doesn’t feel right, get it checked.

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