FitBits & SmartWatches – Could They Be Causing You Health Problems?

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FitBits & SmartWatches – Could They Be Causing You Health Problems?

The answer isn’t clear cut when it comes to the scientific community. There is, however, enough information coming to light to raise concerns that are valid and should be considered before jumping into a purchase and committing to wearing one day in and day out.

Bluetooth devices emit EMF radiation emissions that ring in at just slightly less than government regulation standard Specific Absorption Rate allowable levels. Researchers are now finding that this level may not be safe after all and that standard may need to be lowered.

Fitbits and Smart Watches emit EMF radiation pulses in a very short wavelength, traveling at high speed. It is very efficient at getting through human skin and tissue and has the potential to cause damage to the DNA.

EMF radiation has been linked to health symptoms including:

Mood swings

Sleep disturbance


Brain Fog


Skin irritation


Heart disease

Alzheimer’s Disease

While these devices may seem like magic, holding the ability to measure not just steps per day like an old style pedometer, but also stats like weight, body fat percentage, body mass index, sleep cycle and much more, its based tangible, trackable science. They send electrical signals throughout the entire body to get the readings accurately. Some people have reported feeling sick after using them – headaches, nausea, and even fatigue. While it is not the electrical signal itself causing the issue it’s the radiation that is off put in the process.

The damage has shown to be cumulative much like that of a cell phone. Using too many wireless devices (Fit bit, smartwatch, cell phone, tablets, laptops, etc) that are held against the body could indeed potentially be damaging your health. Additional to the EMF radiation you will also find a magnetic electrical field which can potentially temporarily alter your body’s electrical field as well.

Fitbit has maintained a pretty consistent stance, that although their devices absolutely do emit EMF radiation in several forms, the amount of radiation is not enough to cause harm. While government regulations currently agree, we wanted our readers to be aware of the possible effects so that you can judge for yourself and make an informed choice to wear or not to wear a tracking device. Only you can decide if its’ worth taking the chance.

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