Earache Have You Feeling Down?

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Earache Have You Feeling Down?

Earaches can occur in both children and adults. They are horribly painful and can even be debilitating, keeping you home from school or work for days on end. You may have an accompanying fever, headache, chills, tiredness, swelling of the ear, ringing or buzzing sounds, hearing loss, and even possibly a plugged up sensation.

Often the first reaction is to run to the doctor’s office and ask for antibiotics.

The problem with this is that more and more we, as a society, have built up a resistance to antibiotics and they are no longer working. By taking them anyway, repeatedly, it lowers the effectiveness even further, and in some cases, builds up the strength of the infectious bacteria.

Because we have all grown so used to taking these drugs, sometimes we diagnose ourselves, taking leftover medication for what may not even actually be a bacterial infection, but a viral infection instead, for which they do no good anyway. In these cases, all that is doing is knocking down your immune system by offsetting the balance of the probiotics (good bacteria) in your body, sometimes making the illness worse.

If traditional medicine isn’t working well any longer – what are you supposed to do?

Its often recommended to take naproxen, acetaminophen or ibuprofen for pain relief and fever reduction, but along with that – we would also like to introduce the idea of using garlic oil.

Garlic has a whole host of medicinal benefits including antibiotic properties.  It has been studied and found that garlic can often be more effective than pharmaceutical antibiotics. One advantage of garlic is that it does not cause the body to build up resistance as strains of bacteria due to medicinal drugs.

How can garlic help with an ear infection?

As soon as you begin to suspect that you have an earache, it is advisable to buy garlic oil soft gels. Make sure not to buy odor free garlic oil, as it is the accillin in garlic that makes it smell, but also that makes it work!

Take one to two soft gels per day by mouth. (Preferably with food, or garlic may be the only thing you are tasting for the rest of the day). Then, take one soft gel and poke it with a pin. Tilt your head to a 90-degree angle so that the ear that hurts is facing up. Squeeze the now open soft gel’s liquid into your ear canal staying in that position for a minute to allow it to seep down into the ear.

Then, with a small cotton ball or piece of tissue, gently press it into your ear, sealing the liquid inside. Lie down and allow the garlic to work its magic. Repeat as often as you would like, you cannot overdo it. You should start to feel relief in a day or two. In the meantime, a hot water bottle will do wonders. Fill it with very hot water and wrap in a towel and place on the side of your face/neck/ear. As with any infection, drinking lots of water, non-caffeinated tea and other liquids is advisable in order to keep you hydrated and flush out the infection.

Note: Never put raw garlic in your ear or on your skin, it can actually cause burns.

Interesting fact: Garlic can also be used to cure MRSA infections when combined with 10,000IU Vitamin D each day. To utilize the garlic, chew raw garlic chunks which release the accillin. This is also effective as a deterrent by taking Vitamin D daily, get plenty of sunshine, and cook with lots of garlic and oregano (oregano oil is also a potent antibiotic).   

Earaches are never fun, but be patient with your body. Rest and be good to yourself.

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