Color Therapy Glasses – Do They Really Work?

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Color Therapy Glasses – Do They Really Work?

Color therapy glasses originally hit the market back in Victorian times though they were too expensive and considered an extravagance by most. They saw a resurgence thanks to Ayurvedic Medicine in the 70’s and have become more popular thanks to the ease of mass production now available making these glasses inexpensive enough for anyone to own at a cost of just around $10 a pair.

Color therapy (Chromotherapy) has been touted as being able to influence energies within the body helping to balance the patient.

They have been said to help with everything from arthritis, to mood, to anemia and even cancer. While no current scientific studies exist that would prove these results, the mind is a powerful thing as is belief. Psychology does show that color can affect mood. If a patient sees and feels the results, does it really matter if science has published evidence or not? To some, it may, to others it may not.

The theory of how chromotherapy works is that each colored lens, placed in front of the eye corresponds to a different chakra (energy center) within the body and each chakra relates to different organs and emotions.

“Color is what we call a narrow band of electromagnetic energy that we can detect with our eyes. Except for the frequency of vibration, it is no different from heat, ultraviolet, radio, or cosmic rays.

Albert Einstein received his Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the relation between color and matter. He discovered the photoelectric effect upon which the field of spectroscopy is based. Elements, when excited by sufficient energy (heat), will emit a characteristic color.

Also, if the specific element is radiated with the frequency of light associated with that element, then an electrical current will be induced in that material. It is not too much of a stretch to understand that color can at least cause an electrical response in organisms, animals, even objects.” – Edgar Cayce

The glasses are to be worn in order to try and rebalance. Here is the list of the colors and corresponding chakras and reasons for the adornment of each pair.

Red – Helps with: courage, alertness, taking back your power, passion, vitality, ridding the self of negative thoughts, and strength. Chakra: Deals with survival – Blockage: Fear

Orange – Helps with: confidence, happiness, openness. Chakra: Deals with pleasure – Blockage: guilt

Yellow – Helps with: Optimism, clarity, joy Chakra: Deals with willpower – Blockage: shame

Green Helps with: peace, harmony, healing, hope, stress Chakra: Deals with love- Blockage: grief

BlueHelps with: communication, healing, mental relaxation, creativity. Chakra: Deals with truth – Blockage: Falsehoods

Indigo Helps with: Imagination, perception, understanding, sleep, serenity Chakra: Deals with insight – Blockage: illusion

Violet – Helps with: calms nerves, reduce agitation and anxiety. Chakra: Deals with higher self – Blockage: Ego attachment

Pink – Helps with: calms aggression, promotes feelings of love and healing. Chakra: no chakra associated.

Magenta – Helps with: helps to balance emotions, soothing, gentility. Chakra: no chakra associated.

While the debate goes on to as if color therapy does work, many patients do claim they feel results. The glasses are fun to wear and allow you to literally see the world in a different light and sometimes that is all that is needed. Regular chiropractic adjustments will also help with all of the above issues as well. When your spine is aligned, your nervous system fires properly keeping you in balance.

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*Note: Please do be careful driving with red glasses on. They make traffic lights look very strange and you could miss a red light which now appears white.

*Note: Looking to be dazzled? Try the purple glasses on a sunny day.

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