Is Chiropractic Covered By Insurance?

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Is Chiropractic Covered By Insurance?

In many cases, yes. Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations may indeed be covered by your medical insurance policy.

It is important before booking an appointment to check with your insurance provider as well as the office of the chiropractor to make sure that #1 the policy covers the desired treatment and #2 that the office and doctor you wish to see is actively taking your particular policy.

If you were injured at work or in an automobile accident make sure to mention that as it would then possibly fall under a workman’s compensation claim or auto insurance policy outside of your usual health insurance.

If you plan on using your standard health insurance policy and you have checked with both the chiropractor and the insurance provider fill out the intake forms as thoroughly as you can in order to fully document your health current and past noting any areas of pain and pain levels.

Your policy’s yearly deductible will need to be met before full benefits apply and an in-office co-pay is often required (please check your individual policy for inclusions).

What insurance covers in regards to chiropractic care vary from patient to patient and is dependent on a few factors. The majority of plans do cover short-term acute care for immediate pain. Longer term chronic care, maintenance or wellness visits may not fall within range.

There are three stages of care within chiropractic treatment.

Stage 1 – Relief from immediate pain. Restoration of function and mobility to the greatest extent possible.

Stage 2 – Rehabilitation. Continuation of healing while strengthening the body in proper alignment.

Stage 3 – This is the goal stage. The patient finally feels well again. They now know that chiropractic allows the body to heal itself with a little guidance and are confident that with that continued help they will remain pain-free and healthy. They at this point elect to continue treatments periodically to stay in the best health possible.

Statistics prove that patients who adopt a lifestyle of preventative maintenance chiropractic adjustments from their chiropractor show a lower relapse of back pain, headache, and other aches and pains than those who simply cease visits at the end of a series of treatments.

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