How You Can Avoid Getting Sick from Airplane Travel

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How You Can Avoid Getting Sick from Airplane Travel

We all love to travel, as in be somewhere new for amazing new fun experiences. Travel however in the actual getting there aspect sometimes isn’t quite so exhilarating, nor is the potential after-effects of being crammed in next to other passengers who’s current state of health may be questionable.

According to the AMA (American Medical Association) nearly 20% of people who flew developed some sort of respiratory issue within a week of flying.

How come this happens?

Well? You are literally crammed in a contained metal object with a bunch of strangers for hours. Take heart though, we know this is not avoidable unless you happen to own a private plane (which, let’s face it, most of us do not) there are ways to boost your immunity and combat the likelihood of infection.

While the recirculated air is often to blame the fact is that the onboard HEPA filters really do their job very well. The real issue is the humidity level. Airplanes have a very low humidity level ringing in at only 11%. This makes it very difficult for the mucous membranes of your nose, throat, and mouth to do their job of trapping invaders in that mucus and vanquishing it from your body either through sneezing or swallowing it and letting your stomach acid take care of it.

Here are a few tips to help you control your environment onboard a flight.

#1 Turn on that air vent – Aim it at your lap to help direct germs away from your face.

#2 Wipes – Wipe down your area before you even sit down. Armrests, tray table, a window where everyone rests their heads – alcohol wipes are the most effective and least damaging to your immune system. Steer clear of anything with Triclosan.

#3 Say a big NO to in-flight offered pillows and blankets – Who really knows when the last time they were washed?

#4 Hydrate – we can’t say this one BOLDLY enough HYDRATE! It helps protect against germs and greatly reduce your chance of getting sick.

#5 Take a multivitamin and add even more Vitamin C – Keep your immunity as high as possible.

#6 Wash Your Hands – frequently. Soap and water are best. If you don’t have access, and alcohol-based sanitizer will do fine. Try to avoid touching your face.

#7 Rest – both before and after travel make sure to get some rest. When you are worn out you are far more susceptible to illness.

#8 Visit your chiropractor regularly – regular chiropractic treatment helps ensure a well functioning body and immune system.

Whether you are planning a trip in the near future or not remember these tips and come on into the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. for a visit and get adjusted today. Give us a call at 239-332-2555 and make an appointment your body will thank you for.

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