Think Massage and Chiropractic Are Too Expensive?

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Think Massage and Chiropractic Are Too Expensive?

When we do our budgets things get separated into categories. Basic necessities like housing, electricity, food, clothing, gas and so on get top priority because we simply cannot live functionally without them, and rightly so.

Let’s look at what falls into the luxuries or extras category. This usually encompasses more frivolous expenditures like clothes shopping, going out to eat, grooming, massage, chiropractic treatments, getting your nails done, online music services, Netflix, cable, and so on.

But – Wait a minute. Are all of those really frivolous? When we think of massage many think spa. That leads to visions of pampering and being spoiled. We love it, but do we really need it?

Massage as well as chiropractic both should fall into a separate healthcare category. They are just as important to keep up on as your healthcare insurance payments. In fact, those who get regular adjustments and massages are far less likely to get sick and need to visit a medical doctor, which saves you money on health correction and potential time lost from work down the road.

Massage and chiropractic can help ease anxiety, depression, stress, migraines, tension headaches, aches, pains, lessen fatigue, and much more. So, lets really take a look at the cost vs. what you, often without thinking about it, spend on other items throughout the course of the year.

Things we mindlessly spend on:

Coffee – This is a big one. Buying coffee at Starbucks or other coffee shops 5 days a year can add up to well over $1000.00 a year.

Energy Drinks – Same thing, could be up to $900.00 a year with no real benefit other than a quick energy boost. If your diet and alignment are on point, you should have enough energy without these or coffee. Chiropractic and massage can help your body revitalize, naturally.

Lunching out daily – if you work in an office chances are like many American’s you run next door and grab a bite. This can add up to on average $1900.00 a year.

Dinner for 2 – At $60 Just once a week in a year that can easily become $3,120.00

Heading to the movies afterward – 2 tickets, drinks, and popcorn will run you about $40. Just once a month will land you at $480.00

While all of these things make you feel good while you are doing them, massage and chiropractic will allow you to feel good all of the time, activities out or not. Investing in yourself is always the very best money spent.

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