Pain Relief & Relaxation in one modality – Massage!

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Pain Relief & Relaxation in one modality – Massage!

Contrary to popular belief, massage is not a luxury, it is a necessity. It helps not only heal what has been injured but also can help prevent injury as well.

Massage Therapy promotes healthy circulation, ease of movement, deep breathing, strong immunity, and mental clarity. Massage lowers stress and anxiety levels, reduces blood pressure, and shortens the healing time of injuries. Massage is an effective way to increase the body’s receptivity to chiropractic alignment. Used before an adjustment to warm and soften tight muscles, and afterward, to encourage the body to accept and retain the treatment.

Next time you come in for an adjustment consider a massage as well and get the most out of your appointment. 

Our in-house massage therapist is amazing. Meet Thuong Nguyen, L.M.T. 
Thuong Nguyen was born in Vietnam and currently resides in Cape Coral as a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Florida. He is a graduate of The Florida Academy of Massage and is a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP).

There is no reason to live with stress, tension, or pain in your body. Most of the time it just needs some help letting it all go. Stress, left unchecked, can cause a huge array of health issues. Massage combined with chiropractic can help lessen the odds of developing anything more serious over time.

Nutritionist | Chiropractor in Ft Myers, FL

Fort Myers Chiropractor, Dr. Jason B. KasterChiropractic care is a safe, alternative treatment when applied appropriately. Chiropractic treatments help in dealing with the symptoms of many conditions. Add to that, nutritional recommendations that can help your body heal itself. Are you going to wait for your symptoms to be felt, or are you going to prevent it as soon as possible?

Dr. Jason B. Kaster, a chiropractor in Fort Myers can help you and your family achieve their optimal health.


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