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Lower Back Pain & Sciatica (video)

If you are living with Sciatica or lower back pain you know that it tends to take over your life. It’s difficult to do daily tasks, walk, or even concentrate. There doesn’t always have to be a major injury event that has taken place in order for sciatic pain to start or your back to hurt. It may come on as simply as bending, lifting, or just twisting wrong. Though it can also happen due to auto accidents or slip and falls as well.

While it is very important to make an appointment to go see your Chiropractor as soon as possible after your notice the pain there are also at home stretches you can do which will help to loosen up the area and alleviate the intensity and escalation of pain.

If you are able to lay down on the floor (and get back up successfully) you should be able to do this exercise. It only takes a few minutes and the results are often well worth it.

It is known as the Hip Rotator Stretch

When the piriformis is extremely tight it may even cause you to walk duck footed with your toes facing out because the muscles are pulling too tightly. The hip rotator (also known as the Piriformis) can be stretched by laying flat on your back on a padded mat or soft carpet.

There are a couple of different ways to do this stretch. Though it may feel odd or uncomfortable do know that it will not aggravate your pain levels so don’t be afraid to push it a little.

To perform the exercise Version 1. Lay flat on the floor. To stretch the right side, bring your knee up towards your chest placing your right hand on your knee. Bend your ankle towards the left side of your body slightly, placing your left hand on your ankle. Then, pull straight up and in towards your chest. The intensity is controlled by the left hand and how far in your pull your ankle. Then switch sides – left hand to left knee, right hand to left ankle and repeat.

Version 2 – slightly more advanced. Lay back and cross your right leg bent over your knee forming a triangle between your thighs. Place your hands on the straight leg just above the knee around the back of the leg. Now pull towards your chest. Then switch sides to do the left side equally.

Performing these stretches daily can help alleviate pain associated with hip tightness, sciatica, and even lower back stiffness and tightness.

Dr. Kaster performs the above stretches in the video below. If you are a more visual learner, please take a look.

Give us a call today for an adjustment – let’s get you back on the road to wellness and living pain-free.

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