Are You Losing Flexibility As You Age?

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Are You Losing Flexibility As You Age?

The old adage “If you don’t lose it, you lose it” could not possibly be truer. Even with humans, the law of inertia comes into play. Objects at rest want to stay at rest and objects in motion want to stay in motion.

Taking a backseat to your health and well being as you get older and simply letting time and nature take its course is possibly the worst thing you could do. Our bodies need movement, motion, weight-bearing exercise and stretching in order to remain youthful, energetic and mobile.

When we take breaks from the gym or even just going for a walk daily or possibly take a job that requires hour upon hour of stillness we can fairly quickly begin to feel a difference. We become less filled with energy, less apt to feel like doing physical tasks, aches and pains may set in and soon sedentary becomes more appealing than getting out and moving.

Remaining physically active as you age is not only beneficial for your cardiovascular system, it helps protect your joints, too. A sedentary lifestyle causes your joints to lose their range of motion which in turn causes you to lose your flexibility.

How do we combat this?

Consciously by making the choice to be healthy and ageless. Both begin in the mind. Make the decision today that you are healthy and you are well. From there take steps, however small, to get yourself closer, day by day, to that goal.

If you work in an office, get up and stretch every hour or two, take a lap around your building or complex.

Buy a gym membership and actually use it. Most gyms will give you at minimum one appointment with a personal trainer for free when you join. Take advantage of that. Pick their brain giving them your fitness goals, whether it be greater flexibility, weight loss or added strength. Many of us have our logic backward. When we don’t feel great, we think we should sit still and rest. While healing periods are needed, working out and movement will actually make you feel better than remaining sedentary. Too much sitting or laying down can lead to muscle loss and stiffness.

Drink a gallon of water daily (or as close to that as you can) our bodies work best when we are well hydrated and flushing out unwanted matter and toxins.

Say “Yes” to life. When you are invited out somewhere rather than snapping to the immediate decision of “No, I can’t” say yes. Being more social leads to greater movement and overall health and happiness.

The simple fact is – the more you move, the better you will feel. So get up, get going and get out there. Regular chiropractic and massage visits can keep your body in proper working order. Give our office a call today to schedule. Appointments are available in both Naples and Fort Myers, FL.

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