Could You Benefit from Supplementing with Lithium?

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Could You Benefit from Supplementing with Lithium?

Now believe me, if you are like most people you hear “lithium” and think “crazy people”. The next thought is “I’m not crazy. Why would I take Lithium?”

What most people do not realize is that the benefits of the natural bioavailable version, lithium orotate, go beyond just brain health and mood boost. It can be purchased without a prescription at your local Whole Foods, natural foods store, or through your Chiropractor.

Lithium is a trace mineral. Even the FDA puts an RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for adults at 1 mg per day. This isn’t the same as the prescription form of lithium which is lithium carbonate. That version is not found in nature. It was created by Dr. Hans Nieper by adding orotic acid and it is given to patients in generally very high dosages to offset imbalances in the brain chemistry.

What could lithium do for you?

  1. Lithium supports bone health. Both phosphorous and calcium are enhanced with the consumption of lithium daily.
  2. Helps to promote brain health. Studies have shown that taking lithium can increase grey matter volume and generate new stem cells. In other words, it helps to stave off age-related degeneration.
  3. Supports Focus Ability. Even in studies done on mice, those given lithium were able to focus longer and do tasks better than those without.
  4. Supports immune system strength.
  5. Encourages Longevity! Japanese research shows a strong correlation between lithium and long life. The study in question involved 1.2 million people and 18 different water municipalities.
  6. Helps even you out if you suffer with OCD. Lithium supplementation has shown positive response by modulating dopamine imbalances in the brain.

Like all trace minerals. They used to be found in our soil. Through soil, our crops grew. We ate the vegetables that grew from the soil and our bodies became enriched with the minerals and trace minerals that transferred from the earth. It was the natural cycle of things. It kept us healthy, happy and well.

Here we are in 2018. Much of our soil has been depleted. Many of the trace minerals are just not there anymore. Because of this supplementation has become necessary when you are found to be lacking.

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