How to Help Prevent Spinal Degeneration

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How to Help Prevent Spinal Degeneration

Chiropractic can help to prevent your spinal structure from degenerating and help us to keep the aches and pains of aging at bay. The spine is created of bones known as vertebra which is both strong and flexible. Between each vertebra is a disc which pads and cushions. They allow the bones to move and flex. Both are held together with bands of muscles and ligaments which provide movement.

As we age these parts and pieces all can develop scar tissue and lose flexibility. With less flexibility, we lose range of movement.  Disks can begin to contract and even lose moisture. This can lead to what is known as disc degeneration. It can cause joint pain. This leaves us feeling old and aged. Often frustrated with our bodies.

Injuries left untreated, over time, can become totally immobile. Ligaments that hold the joints together can begin to calcify causing the bones to grow together. The result is chronic pain. Movement is key to being pain-free. The rest of the body will try and overcompensate for the now nonmoving parts and can become worn out faster than they normally would have otherwise. It may lead to pinched nerves and inflammation.

Prevention is the best treatment. Regular chiropractic treatments as you age and before you have problems can head problems off at the pass keeping your body movement natural and youthful well into your golden years.

Adjustments work by finding the areas that are stuck, stretching the joint capsule and breaking up any forming scar tissue. Adjustments also help muscles in that area to relax and send signals to release pain, allowing your body to heal itself.

By keeping your spine flexible and healthy throughout your life you can prevent pain and injury in your later years. If you would like to know more or are ready to start your path to wellness give our office a call at 239-332-2555.

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