How Anger Can Affect the Brain, Body, and Your Overall Health

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How Anger Can Affect the Brain, Body, and Your Overall Health

Many people are missing the link between emotion and physical. You might believe that anger is just an emotion which has nothing to do with your health, the truth is that our physical forms are greatly affected by our feelings. Today we look at Anger. Anger is one of the more powerful emotions it can produce large reactions inside both the brain and the body.

Anger’s Affect on the Body

Anger issues can bring about:

Headaches may result as well as a drop in bone density. Even eye site can be affected due to raised pressure.

Digestive issues – Anger can cause your metabolism to drop, blood flow to go more slowly and your mouth to become dry. You may feel like not eating or have digestive issues.

Cardiovascularly remaining in a state of anger is very dangerous. Your heart rate elevates, as does your blood pressure. Both blood glucose and fatty acid levels rise. This can make you a candidate for heart disease, heart attack and even stroke.

Your immune system may suffer a hit as well. Thyroid function and your endocrine system may cease to work up to speed reducing your immunity overall and opening yourself up to bacteria and viruses and even cancer.

It is important if you find yourself feeling angry, depressed, aggressive or notice other behavior or mood changes to go see your chiropractor. You may find significant help through dietary changes, supplementation and adjustments.

Take time to yourself and breathe daily. Set time aside to relax. Anger is a reaction that can be learned to be controlled over time.

Anger’s Affect on the Brain

The issues don’t stop with the body.

When you feel angry the amygdala (an area of the brain) is activated. The amygdala then activates the hypothalamus. This signals the pituitary gland discharging the hormone corticotropin. The Arenal gland will also secrete the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

This chain of events is set off not only by feeling anger but also by feelings of judgement, shame, fear, rejection, frustration and disappointment.

Anger can actually change your brain over time.  Chronically elevated cortisol levels can cause neurons to accept an abundance of calcium through the membrane. Calcium levels that are higher than they should be can cause an overload making brain cells fire too frequently and cause cell death. The hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex are both particularly susceptible.

An increase in cortisol can decrease your serotonin levels. Serotonin is the hormone which makes you feel joy and happiness. Less serotonin makes it easier for you to feel anger and pain more quickly (giving you a shorter fuse). It can lead to elevated aggression levels as well as a change in behavior and may also lead to depression.

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