Feeling Stuffed Up or Sneezy – Have you tried a Neti Pot Yet?

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Feeling Stuffed Up or Sneezy – Have you tried a Neti Pot Yet?

With all of the pollutants and allergens that are in the air these days, nasal cleansing may soon become a standard part of your personal care routine. Nasal sprays are helpful, but they don’t actually clean, they only help to moisturize and in some cases deliver medication and hopefully some relief. To get more to the root of the issue a Neti pot can come in very handy.

A Neti Pot is a nasal sinus irrigation tool that looks similar to a miniature version of an old style watering can with a narrow spout opening. Though they come in porcelain, the majority on the market these days are inexpensive and plastic and can be purchased online or at your local drug store in the cold/allergy aisle.

Neti pots are used to help alleviate sinus issues, colds, flu symptoms, hay fever and allergies and can be used daily or just as needed for sinus issues. Your nasal passage is one of the body’s first lines of defense against illness, yet one of the last things most of us think about ever cleaning out or doing any kind of maintenance on.

Neti pots are simple to use, though they are a little strange and do take some getting used to. They will usually come prepackaged with small individual packs of saline crystals. Rip one open and sprinkle its contents into the pot. Fill with luke-warm clean distilled water. Do not use tap water. Unfiltered tap water contains all kinds of contaminants, none of which you want in your nasal passage. Swish the water around and wait for the saline to dissolve. Once the crystals are no longer visible, lean over the sink placing the spout end in one nostril while tilting your head to the side in the opposite direction – slightly forward and down which will allow the water to flow up in to your sinus and nasal passage and back down and out the other side of your nose – draining into the sink. Make sure to lean forward so that the water does not run down your throat rather than out the other side of your nose.

It is not a sensation any of us are use to. Likely the only other time we have experienced it is as a kid if we jumped into a pool or lake while still talking and got a mouth/nose full of water. It will get easier each time you do it. It may sting a little, but if it stings too much please add more water to the mixture, it doesn’t need to be that concentrated to do its job.

Additionally, essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree can be added for antiseptic properties. *Please only add 1 small single drop to an entire pot. They are quite potent.

Once you are done, grab a tissue and blow your nose gently to remove excess leftover water and mucus. Rinse the neti pot thoroughly and place in a plastic or paper bag to keep it free of contaminants.

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