Experiencing Brain Fog? Chiropractic May Be Able to Help

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Experiencing Brain Fog? Chiropractic May Be Able to Help

We have all had days where we just feel off and cant seem to organize our thoughts. You may walk into a room with a purpose only to stand there wondering what it was, or worse you wake up in a half-asleep level of fogginess. You struggle to begin the day and have trouble even getting yourself together. It just doesn’t feel like “you”.

What brain fog is and how to deal with it

There is not one single answer as to what causes brain fog. There can be a number of causes for you to feel groggy or less sharp and on the ball than usual – they may include not eating right, lack of sleep, or even side effects of medications taken.

Another lesser considered cause is that your spine is out of alignment. Whether due to normal activities that produce wear and tear or because of a trauma caused by an accident. The spinal cord gets stretched along with the subluxation. When a stretch occurs there is stress placed on the spinal cord in the nervous system. It can place stress on other parts of the body including the brain. It can make it harder to think clearly, hence the brain foggy feeling.

Treatment or better yet, avoidance

SLEEP: If you think your brain fog may becoming from bad sleep, choose to set a bedtime, rest in a comfortable position, and make sure you include time to wind down.

DIET: For brain fog stemming from a lacking diet, it is recommended to increase your water, fruit, and veggie intake on a daily basis.

MENTAL CLARITY: For lacking mental clarity which has become a result of a stressor along the spine, choose regular chiropractic care. When your spine is out of line, a chiropractor is able to put it back in its proper alignment.

Chiropractic can not only help with your mental ability to think better but may boost other systems in the body as well. Along with treating this unwelcome side effect, it may be able to prevent such symptoms in the future as well.

Where can I go for help?

To get chiropractic care to help you think clearly, visit the office of Dr. Jason Kaster, D.C. Conveniently located in Fort Myers, Florida on Boy scout Drive just off Route 41. Give us a call today ay 239-332-2555 or visit www.drkasters.com to learn more.

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