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Electro Stimulation Therapy

Electro Stimulation Therapy is often used by chiropractors in conjunction with traditional chiropractic adjustments to help speed healing and relieve pain in their patients.

What is Electro Stimulation Therapy?

Just as the name implies, these machines draw electrical current from the office wall outlet and convert it in order to produce specific wanted physiological effects on the injured tissue area. Sometimes referred to as TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units. This is a form of physical therapy. It is used to create muscle contractions which can increase strength and prevent atrophy from nonuse.  These machines stimulate the sensory nerves to reduce pain. It can also be used to help prevent scar tissue from forming and drive ions which are beneficial in the healing process in muscle, skin and connective tissues.

This is a drug-free form of pain treatment which can potentially help to replace the need for pain medication and can help with chronic pain as well as the onset after trauma such as a car accident.

TENS units are safe for nearly everyone. This only excludes those who are pregnant, has epilepsy, or a heart rhythm disorder.

What does it feel like?

If you have never experienced electro stimulation before it is an interesting feeling. Small sticky pads are attached to your skin at or around the site of pain and or injury. The settings are manually set by the physician or assistant and you will be asked to let them know when you feel the stimulation. Once felt (it feels like a pulsing under your skin at the muscle layer) it can be turned higher or lower depending on the patient. As the dial goes stronger, the contractions in the muscles become stronger. You will feel your body move involuntarily as the muscles jump. It is not painful but is a little strange at first.

Ice may be applied as well at the same time over top of the pads. Often a blanket is offered if ice is applied to keep the patient comfortable. Treatment times vary but often are between 10 to 15 minutes, sometimes longer. The majority of people find this treatment helpful and relaxing.

At the end, the monitor will beep letting them know that you are finished. At that time the blanket comes off as does the ice and the sticky pads are removed.

Electro Stimulation can be a one-time session or it may require repeated application depending on condition.

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