The Difference Between Immune Compromised and Autoimmune and How Chiropractic Can Help Both

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The Difference Between Immune Compromised and Autoimmune and How Chiropractic Can Help Both

Whether you have an autoimmune disease or are immunocompromised you likely find yourself more susceptible to not feeling well. It can be frustrating, time-consuming, and life-draining.

Defining the Conditions

Immunocompromised – When a person is considered immunocompromised, their immune system’s defenses are not able to effectively fight off infections and diseases. This condition can be temporary or permanent depending on the cause.

These patients may also be referred to as immune deficient or immune compromised.

Immunosuppressed – This refers to mainly cancer patients where the immune system is purposefully suppressed so as to not try to fight the die-off of cancer cells through chemical solution injections and radiation.

Auto Immune – Autoimmune disease occurs when the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks healthy tissues. Most autoimmune conditions can lead to inflammation that can affect various parts of the body.

In all cases, it is important to safeguard and protect your health the best you can.

Things you can do to help your body stay as strong as possible allow you to live in your best state of health

Chiropractic –

The alignment of the vertebrae is a vital component of the body’s ability to function properly. This includes the functionality of the immune system. If the vertebrae are not aligned properly, it can interfere with the ability of the nerves to communicate signals to the brain. This can lead to an increased risk of illness or injury. Receiving regular chiropractic adjustments keeps your body aligned and the nervous system signals flowing freely.

Eat Healthily –

A diet of well-balanced meals of whole natural healthy foods can help. Following an anti-inflammatory diet can make those with immune issues feel better as inflammation is a key problem.

De Stress-

Stress also causes inflammation and pain. Lowering stress in your life can help greatly improve how you feel with an immune condition.

Rest –

Take time to rest when you are tired. Allow yourself a good 8 or more hours per night to sleep so your body can repair on a cellular level.

Exercise – Though it may seem counter-intuitive, if you are in pain, exercise and movement can help the body grow stronger and more flexible. This in turn decreases pain and stiffness.

Supplement – There are vitamin deficiency tests that can be run. See what you are lacking and supplement either through diet or formulations.

Fresh Air & Sunshine – Get outside and get some sun and air – The body converts sunlight to Vitamin D in the body and can boost your mood as well as immunity.

Taking care of yourself is especially vital with any immune issue. Give the office of Kaster Chiropractic a call today at 239-332-2555 to schedule your consultation. Chiropractic, Nutrition, Massage, and more right in the heart of Fort Myers, Florida. Visit to learn more.


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